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Spinternet Insider: Can I go back to a previous version of a page?

Spinternet Insider: Can I go back to a previous version of a page?

By Jeremy Karns on March 20, 2013 in Training

(Spinternet Insider is a blog series covering the ins and outs of Spinternet...from basic functionality to the most advanced customizations, each Spinternet install is built to serve the needs of it's client. If your Spinternet differs from the example below, give us a call and let us walk you through it. Read. Learn. Enjoy.)

Can I go back to a previous version of a page?

Yes, in fact you can...and it's quite easy!

We've all run into this situation one time or another...we make edits to a page, and saved our work only to realize a few minutes later that we made a mistake, and need to go back to a previous version of the page.

So how do I find these previous versions?

Within Spinternet, all pages have a timestamp indicating when that particular page was last updated. Under the Updated column, note the timestamps that are underlined links...simply click the timestamp link to view all previous versions of that particular page.

I've found the page and the old version I was looking for, now what?

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, you essentially have a couple options:

Make an Older Version Active

If you'd like to replace the existing page with an older version:

  1. Browse through the previous versions to find the version you want
  2. Click the page title like you normally would to make edits
  3. Click "Set Active"
  4. (or if you make any other changes to the page first, click "Save & Set Active")
  5. The older version is now the active page, and the version that was just changed is now in the previous versions list.

Copy/Paste Content

If you're only looking for a small chunk of content within an older version of a page, your best bet might be to just copy/paste what you need from the older version:

  1. Find old version
  2. Click page title to make edits
  3. Copy content as needed
  4. Click your browser's back button, or hit "Cancel" (so that any changes are not saved)
  5. Find the Active version of the page
  6. Paste content as needed

How long are previous versions of a page saved?

Forever. That means you could go theoretically go all the way back to the time a page was originally created if need be.

Need a little more assistance? Contact us or comment below, we'd be happy to help.

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