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Spinternet Insider: How do I setup a Form Using Form Builder?

Spinternet Insider: How do I setup a Form Using Form Builder?

By Jeremy Karns on May 7, 2013 in Training

(Spinternet Insider is a blog series covering the ins and outs of Spinternet...from basic functionality to the most advanced customizations, each Spinternet install is built to serve the needs of it's client. If your Spinternet differs from the example below, give us a call and let us walk you through it. Read. Learn. Enjoy.

How do I set up a Form Using Form Builder?

The information below is meant as a reminder of each form field's function and how they relate to creating a working form in a matter of minutes.

Form Name

Used in Spinternet for reference only. Using unique names will help prevent confusion down the road when multiple forms have been created.

Form Action

When users successfully complete a form, there are three options for delivery of the submission:

  • Store - form submission is stored in Spinternet under Form Builder > Submissions
  • Email - form submissions are sent to email address (see Email Address field)
  • Email & Store - confirmation email is sent AND submission is stored
  • Note: Multiple email addresses CAN be used for submission notification, simply separate each email address with a comma

Email Address

The email address you'd like the form submission to be sent to. The subject of the email being sent uses the Form Name above. This field is only used when Email or Email & Store have been selected.

Google Event Tracking Code (optional)

Optional code inserted for tracking purposes within Google Analytics (meant for advanced users only). Keep in mind, your submissions will always be sent and/or stored using the Form Action field above, this field is meant specifically for use with Google Analytics.

Confirmation Message

The message you would like displayed on the page after the user has completed the form. Upon completion, the form is hidden and the confirmation message will take its place.

(The remaining fields below are optional and are only required if Send AutoRespond Email is checked.)

Send AutoRespond Email?

Check this box if you would like a confirmation email to be sent to the user in addition to the confirmation message above. The autorespond email is sent to the email address provided by the user in the Form Fields (set up after form is created) using the details below. When setting up your form to use an autoresponder email, be sure to check "Auto Responder Email?" in the Form Field setting you create for the user to input their email address.

AutoRespond Email Subject

The subject of the autoresponder email being sent after a successful form submission.

AutoRespond Email "From" Address

The email address the autoresponder email is being sent from. Note that this email CAN be different than the email that the form submission is sent to.

AutoRespond Email Message

The message of the autoresponder email being sent after a successful form submission. Note the familiar Spinternet WYSIWYG editor.

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