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Spinternet Insider: SEO Basics - Page Titles

Spinternet Insider: SEO Basics - Page Titles

By Jeremy Karns on July 17, 2013 in Training

(Spinternet Insider is a blog series covering the ins and outs of Spinternet...from basic functionality to the most advanced customizations, each Spinternet install is built to serve the needs of it's client. If your Spinternet differs from the example below, give us a call and let us walk you through it. Read. Learn. Enjoy.)

What is the Title?

One of the most important elements in Search Engine Optimization, the Title is the main text that describes the contents of a page. It not only gives the user a visual clue as to the content on the page, but it's a also great indicator for search engines as well (and can be seen in search engine results pages).

We often describe it's value as the 'best bang for your buck' because not only does it hold great value in terms of SEO, but it's one of the easiest elements to modify, especially when using Spinternet!

Where is the Title in Spinternet?

Depending on your specific installation of Spinternet, the placement slightly varies, but in most instances you can find it under the SEO tab. Simply browse to the particular page you want to edit, click the SEO, add your custom Title in the Title field, and click Save.

What should I use for my Title?

First things first, if you've NEVER created custom Titles...don't worry! Spinternet automatically generates Titles using a predetermined formula based on the content you put into it on a page-by-page basis. However, because of this dependence, it's always a good idea to double check and customize Titles on a case-by-case basis.

Second, no two Titles should be alike. All pages on your site are different and contain different content, your Titles should follow suit.

A good, general rule of thumb is to follow the following format:

  • Keyword 1 - Keyword 2 (optional) | Brand Name

(In this case, Keyword 1 and 2 are the terms you want to be known, and Brand Name is most often the name of your company, organization, etc.)

If you your website specialized in selling basketball shoes, and had a section designated for vintage Air Jordan shoes, you might have a page with the following title:

  • Air Jordan - Vintage Basketball Shoes | WeHeartHoops

Following best practices, the title should contain fewer than 70 characters (the limit Google displays in search results). Keep in mind, these are just the basics...but a solid foundation can, and often will, make a solid difference.


Need a little more assistance? Contact us or comment below, we'd be happy to help. 

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