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Spinternet Insider: What is the Google URL Builder, and how do I use it?

Spinternet Insider: What is the Google URL Builder, and how do I use it?

By Jeremy Karns on February 1, 2013 in Training

(Spinternet Insider is a weekly blog series covering the ins and outs of Spinternet...from basic functionality to the most advanced customizations, each Spinternet install is built to serve the needs of it's client. If your Spinternet differs from the example below, give us a call and let us walk you through it. Read. Learn. Enjoy.)

What is the Google URL Builder, and how do I use it?

According to Google, the Google URL Builder allows you to "add custom campaign parameters to your URLs".

Layman's terms: It allows you to tag pages (in this case, within Spinternet) for the purpose of tracking campaign statistics (within Google Analytics).

Imagine your business uses Twitter on a regular basis to connect with potential customers. While knowing how much traffic comes from Twitter in general is important, wouldn't you rather know the exact tweet that brought a new customer to your website? Creating URLs using the Google URL Builder accomplishes just that.

Spinternet - Google URL builder

Creating these URLs is easy:

  1. Simply login to Spinternet
  2. Browse to the page you want to track
  3. Click the Google URL Builder tab

From there, follow the tooltips and fill in the fields as needed (note those that are *required). Using our Twitter example above, take a look at the sample below:

Campaign Source: twitter
Campaign Medium: social
Campaign Term: (not needed in this case)
Campaign Content: red-shirts
?Campaign Name: free-shirt-giveway

Click Save, and you're done!

Not only does Spinternet create the URL for tracking purposes, it also creates a shortened version, and QR code for your convenience (more on shortened URLs and QR codes in another post). Copy and paste your new URL (or it's shortened version), and use it in your marketing/advertising to more effectively keep tabs on your traffic.

Need a little more assistance? Have other Spinternet related questions? Contact Spinutech or comment below...we're happy to help!

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