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Country Clipper Callout

Country Clipper

For 30 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential homeowners. They are one of the first eight zero turn mower manufacturers in the industry.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Custom Development
  • Dealer Locator
  • Product Comparison Table

Why Country Clipper? 

Country Clipper wanted a website that told the story of "Why Country Clipper?". The home page has horizontal zones that unfolds this story as you scroll, giving consumers compelling information on why Country Clipper is a superior mower. 

Improved Research Options

The goal of the website is for people to click "find a dealer" and go test drive a mower. New research options allow people to compare mowers, calculate time savings, view photos, specs and features. Warranty and testimonials are prominent to drive home the quality of Country Clipper.

Easy to Maintain

Being able to update their website was a "must have" for Country Clipper. Spinternet content management system now allows them to update product info, add testimonials, news, add job openings and much more.

Country Clipper entrusted Spinutech to create a finished product that best represented our brand and provided a pleasant user experience. They delivered with exceptional creativity, communication and service to reach our goal. During the entire process Spinutech provided an excellent road map for us to follow delivering a responsive website conducive to mobile and desktop applications.

Blaine Fields, National Sales Manager, Country Clipper Mowers

Country Clipper

Country Clipper

Country Clipper