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Grout Muesum District Callout

Grout Muesum District

The mission of the Grout Museum District is to provide a better understanding of our world by collecting, preserving and interpreting history and illustrating scientific principles.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Interactive Event Calendar
  • Electronic Donation Form
  • Custom Development

Improved Site Architecture

Grout Museum wasn't pleased with how their old site was organized. Upfront, we collaborated on a new site outline and wireframes that, ultimately, helped make the site easier to navigate and understand.

Increased Interaction

Being a museum website, Grout wanted people to explore and spend time learning about the museum. Veteran videos, large image photo galleries and exhibitions were added for people to delve into. The overall design and subtle details add to the user experience.

Drive Traffic to Exhibits

Grout wanted to drive traffic and raise awareness for a current exhibit. We worked with them on a digital marketing campaign, utilizing AdWords and Facebook ads to help meet their goal.

Grout Museum

Grout Museum

Grout Museum

Grout Museum