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City Club of Chicago

City Club of Chicago

The City Club of Chicago is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose over 1,900 members include prominent business, civic and government leaders in Chicago. The organization attracts those interested in civic responsibility, public issues, open political debate and networking opportunities. The City Club hosts forums each month focusing on public affairs in the Chicago region. These events foster discussion and debate of issues that affect our communities.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Association Management
  • E-commerce
  • Event Registration
  • Video Library
  • Custom Integrations

Association Management

We implemented our web-based association management system (AMS) to support the City Club's back office needs (member management, dues payments and other transactions, event registration, and extensive reporting). The AMS is also tightly integrated with the City Club's website enabling members to perform several self-service tasks. Our solution was extensively customized to meet unique City Club requirements, is integrated with QuickBooks, and replaced a dated system that the organization had outgrown.

Integrated City Club’s Member Database with Broadcast Email System

City Club’s member database was integrated with a broadcast email system (MailChimp) so that distribution lists are automatically synchronized (e.g. member updates to email addresses automatically flow to MailChimp). We also created email templates consistent with the website’s design used by the City Club to announce speakers as they are scheduled.

Events Registration and Management

AThe City Club holds over eighty events each year with 300 or more attendees. Almost all registrations are accepted through the website. The system we built accommodates the volume (some events sellout within a matter of minutes) and allows staff to make post-registration adjustments, generate attendee rosters and reports, and otherwise manage the organization's most important function.

Each City Club event is live streamed through the website and videos become part of an extensive searchable streaming video library.

Implementation of this project has provided the City Club of Chicago with a modern and efficient web presence built on a robust technology platform that will support the organization's growth for years to come. Seamless integration of the website and our web-based association management system ensures up-to-date and accurate data is always available to members and staff. Many manual and inefficiency workflows were also eliminated or streamlined to improve staff efficiency and allow them to focus on efforts that add value for members and the organization.

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