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American Massage Therapy Association

American Massage Therapy Association

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), with more than 60,000 members, is the largest non-profit professional association serving massage therapists, students, and schools.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management
  • NetForum Integration
  • Membership Renewal
  • Event Registration
  • Job Bank
  • Learning Management System

Design and User Research

We conducted extensive stakeholder and user interviews to guide our approach to structuring AMTA's content and to identify common user needs for the new website to target. Since launch, we have conducted multiple usability studies to gain feedback from real users and optimize the website's key interfaces.

NetForum Integration

The site includes a broad range of functionality including a robust "find a massage therapist" search interface, a job bank, and support for a range of custom content. The site is heavily integrated with AMTA's NetForum Association Management System (AMS) via xWeb web services and Catalyst Fire's Ignition framework for member profile maintenance and similar administrative functions (such as membership renewal, application, event registration, etc).

Easy to Maintain

The content management system (CMS) allows AMTA staff to add and edit content with little to no knowledge of HTML and other web technologies. The CMS enforces approval workflows, page- and section-specific authoring and editing permissions, and ensures consistent design and page layout.

Implementation of this project has provided AMTA with a robust web presence that is tightly integrated with their NetForum Association Management System. We have worked with AMTA for more than ten years to design, build, and optimize their web presence and continue to improve functionality and ease-of-use.

American Massage Therapy Association

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