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Farner-Bocken Company Callout

Farner-Bocken Company

Since 1939, Farner-Bocken Company, a family-owned distributor of convenience and broadline food service products, has been partnering with their customers throughout the Midwest to deliver products, programs, and ideas that deliver dollars to their bottom line every day.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Custom Distribution Map
  • Online Employment Application Submission
  • Custom Development

Communicated Value Proposition

Farner-Bocken wanted the website to communicate they are a "one-stop-shop" for their customers. We collaborated on a new site outline and services became the main navigation. This helps customers see what Farner-Bocken has to offer without having to click into a section. 

Improved Distribution Map

A goal for the new website was to improve the distribution map and make it a tool for their customers. We integrated Google Maps and created custom map markers, custom distribution area and all of this can be updated with Spinternet content management system. 

Laid Foundation for Future Development

Today, represents only the first phase of a 2-part project. Great care was taken to lay a solid foundation to ensure scalability of the site. Future integrations include a customer-specific login to: manage custom promotional calendars and delivery schedules; review and order product; create custom reports; and much more.

It was immediately clear that Spinutech was the right choice for us as we embarked on our website remodel project. They not only understood, but anticipated, where we were headed and, based on their existing work, we knew they were going to be the ones to get us there. Ultimately, they did an excellent job of taking our vision and creatively translating and applying it to the function and design of our site. The product speaks for itself..and we couldn't be more pleased. Their ongoing responsiveness and support is excellent. As we all (now) know, there is no "finish line" with a website and we are grateful to have Spinutech as our partner.

Tyler Farner, VP of Business Development, Farner-Bocken Company

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