New Web Design Streamlines User Experience for National Bank

An improved online user experience better serves the needs of BankUnited Direct's customers and also increases efficiencies within their organization.

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Premium Customer Experience

Improving usability was a priority for BankUnited’s new website. Spinutech developed a fully-responsive web design to accommodate users across a range of devices.

More Efficient Workflows

BankUnited must adhere to a number of regulatory requirements as part of their industry. Website integrations were made to streamline their workflows and approval processes.

Administrative Time Savings

BankUnited wanted to spend less time managing their website and more time serving their customers. Spinutech’s flexible enterprise content management solution saves on administrative and operations time.

BankUnited Direct

About BankUnited Direct

BankUnited, N.A., a national bank and wholly-owned subsidiary of BankUnited, Inc. (NYSE:BKU), is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida with 95 branches in 15 Florida counties and six banking centers in the New York metropolitan area as of June 30, 2016. One of the largest independent depository institutions headquartered in Florida by assets, BankUnited provides a wide range of commercial and consumer banking services.

Client Background

The BankUnited website serves as the gateway for everything – an information hub and promotional asset for prospects, and a banking tool for current customers. As banking customers are increasingly shifting their banking activities online and consumer expectations center on convenience, flexibility, and security, BankUnited set out to shift the technology that powered their online customers’ experience to serve their current needs.

BankUnited needed a compelling user experience online and an enterprise content management solution that offered flexibility, scalability, and features including workflow and approval process systems to address regulatory requirements in the banking industry.

The Spinutech Approach

BankUnited teamed up with Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) to find a content platform that would fit the institution’s requirements to build their website. After evaluating a number of different platforms, Progress® Sitefinity™ CMS with Kendo UI® was selected to address the project’s customization and requirements.

Usability and user experience (UX) for users accessing BankUnited’s website across a range of devices are elegantly addressed in the new fully responsive web design.

Customer Relations Management (CRM), enterprise requirements planning (ERP), and marketing automation were integrated into the new website for a comprehensive enterprise content management solution.

Spinutech U


The new BankUnited website offers a clean, convenient, and pleasant customer experience. Major benefits of the new website include:

  • Workflows and approval processes that enable efficient and regulatory compliant operations
  • Expedited, yet accountable content publication
  • Significant administrative and operations time savings
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