Research-Based Campaigns Grow Conversions for National Real Estate Brand

Localized paid search and display campaigns drive relevant users to the Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group website.

Increased Conversions

Learning from and adapting to seasonality and user trends grows paid search campaign conversions and reduces cost per conversion year-over-year.

Build on Brand Awareness

Display remarketing campaigns make an impact at the local level by targeting users in a specific geographic area who have shown interest in Coldwell Banker.

Drive Leads for Realtors

Paid search, display ads, and social media help Coldwell Banker agents reach and engage with members of their community.

Coldwell Banker

About Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group is an affiliate of the Coldwell Banker real estate franchise. Member real estate agents are afforded access to state-of-the-art technology, the strength of a global network, and an empowering culture of excellence. As the #1 franchise affiliate in Iowa, Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group pairs their local ownership and knowledge with the power of their international brand to elevate the customer experience and expectations.

Client Background

Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group first started working with Spinutech in January 2015. Their goal then — which remains the same today — was to drive new leads to their member agents.

The Spinutech Approach

Recognizing the unique impact that seasons have on the real estate industry, we researched seasonal trends and shaped our display advertising, paid search campaigns, and social media strategy based on those positive and negative trends. Our goal was to maximize the efficiency of our campaigns and perform above industry averages in terms of impressions and conversions.

Spinutech U


Since partnering in 2015, impressions on our paid search campaigns for Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group have declined each year, but click-through rate (CTR) and conversions have increased from 1.27% and 10,838, respectively, in our first year to 9.18% and 41,866, respectively, in 2018. This illustrates how we have made more efficient use of their budget, optimizing our paid search campaigns to reach consumers who are more likely to convert.

Our display advertising efforts have also seen dramatic increases in CTR and conversions, but also impressions. Impressions have quadrupled between 2015 and 2018, coinciding with a rise in CTR from 0.11% to 0.85% and conversions from 179 to 8,185. There has been a similar increase on social media, with average post reach on Facebook increasing 579% over a two-year period.

“Spinutech not only helps us bring our ideas to life but also brings ideas to the table. Our account manager is like an extension of our Marketing Team. We greatly appreciate our mutual rapport and her understanding of our business and goals.”Rachel E. Delzell, Vice President of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group

Targeted Search Campaigns for Coldwell Banker

Targeted Search Campaigns

Multiple custom paid search campaigns provide layers of targeting to expand reach and connect with users who have specific searches and needs. Localized efforts in specific cities allow for flexibility, agility, and granularity without affecting reach.

Targeted Retargeting for Coldwell Banker


Display advertising drives consistent awareness to relevant users through ads that are set up to remarket to users looking to purchase homes in a specific geographic area.

Paid Social Media

Paid Social Media

Our two-pronged approach to social media helps support Coldwell Banker agents with the tools and assistance they need to help the public fulfill their buying and selling needs, in addition to providing real estate resources for people in the homeownership process.