Exceed the expectations of digital-native prospects, nostalgic alumni, and current students.

Illuminate your university’s unique community. 

We’re in the midst of a transformation. Now more than ever, student populations develop positive brand awareness and attachment using digital platforms first, if not exclusively. From the time a prospective student opens a personalized email to the point when a proud alumnus donates on a targeted landing page, ample opportunity exists to boost brand awareness with cost-effective, poignant digital strategies. 

Ethnographic research and empathy-driven persona studies can uncover what makes your mission unique and how to present these characteristics with an optimized marketing mix. Any effective mix relies, at least somewhat, on personalization. At Spinutech, we recognize that educational institutions are built around community and that each community segment requires objective-driven, individualized tactics. Depending on your institution’s mission, we will work with you to target specific audiences with messaging to boost applications, information requests, social sentiment, web traffic, and donor inquiries.

Authentic Social Presence

College advertising content should be conversational. And, even more importantly, it should be genuine. With polished video and platform-specific strategies, we speak to what shapes your actual institution — people. To cultivate sincerity and accessibility, our strategists highlight and curate UGC across your social channels. We work with you to share what’s relatable with blogs, articles, and video so students, alumni, and prospective students feel at home. 

Education Marketing 101: Empathize 

Your audience’s time is valuable. Consistently provide the right message at times of opportunity with carefully crafted and strategically delivered content. Deliver web content that solves problems, answering common questions prospective students have about your institution, departments, and programs. Through marketing automation, you can guarantee emails communicate relatable content to the appropriate audience segment. Our strategists work with you to ensure all content and campaigns, including email marketing and paid media placements, coalesce to form a cohesive path. 

Harness Data for Enduring Reach

New prospects bring new mediums, but, at Spinutech, we view an evolving communications landscape as an opportunity, not a challenge. The digital stories we tell are always informed by data. Using Google Analytics and other tools, our SEO strategists and data analysts study how users interact with your brand, measuring visitors, traffic, and conversions to form an intimate, KPI-driven understanding of behavior that frames the way we tell your institution’s story. 

College Social Strategy Increases Engagement

University of Northern Iowa College of Business, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Using a variety of social media platforms and content strategy, we worked with the UNI College of Business to showcase different career paths and student organizations. A student spotlight and career insights provided additional insights to followers and helped increase overall social engagement levels.

UNI Case Study