Automated Email Campaign Boosts Revenue for Light Therapy Device Retailer

Spinutech worked with LED Technologies to develop an email strategy that maximized their email marketing efforts.

Increased Revenue from Email Campaigns

Spinutech updated LED Technologies’ existing automated emails and prioritized the ones that had the highest opportunity to drive revenue.

Optimized Email Marketing Strategy

LED Technologies’ email strategy pivoted from a promotion-driven approach to a more well-rounded strategy focused on converting subscribers to customers.

Standing Out from the Competition

Taking a more strategic approach to Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions boosted email success and drove a year-over-year increase in revenue.

LED Technologies

About LED Technologies

LED Technologies is a light therapy device retailer that helps customers reach their beauty and wellness goals through innovative technology. Founded in 2004, their Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) light therapy products are sold worldwide on their website and in large retail stores, magazines, catalogs, and home shopping channels.

Client Background

LED Technologies originally approached Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) for help with their cross-channel marketing strategy. Despite their in-house efforts and those of their previous advertising agency, they weren’t getting the results they wanted from their email marketing campaigns — and didn’t know how to tailor their strategy to drive results.

The primary issue with their automated strategy was that they were heavily relying on batch, promotional emails. Sending too many emails can lead to subscriber fatigue, and being overly promotional was devaluing their product and damaging their reputation. They were aware that offering continual promotions was setting the precedent that customers could always expect a discount, and were worried they’d never pay full price. In addition to this issue, promotional emails aren’t ideal for ongoing use — focusing on these required a heavy lift on internal and/or agency resources to create multiple promotional emails per month. 

The LED Technologies team knew they wanted to use their automated email strategy to convert new subscribers to customers and scale back on promotions — but weren’t sure how to do this effectively.

The Spinutech Approach

Spinutech set out to create an efficient email marketing strategy that would drive conversions and improve brand sentiment. We shifted their automated email efforts by using promotions to complement their strategy, rather than drive it.

Spinutech U

Optimized Automated Email Strategy

We expanded upon their existing email campaigns and created new triggered email series with multiple decision splits in order to convert subscribers to customers. We implemented an abandoned cart series, automated birthday emails and built a welcome series based on the customer’s point of entry — pop-up quiz, subscribe page, or checkout page — and added interest fields to segment the data. We also created a sunset workflow intended to clean up the database and cut platform costs by re-engaging inactive subscribers and removing subscribers that didn’t respond to the campaign.

Along with honing their strategy, we also fixed errors and updated existing automated emails, prioritizing the ones that had the highest opportunity to drive revenue.

Promotional and Special Event Emails

In the past, LED Technologies had difficulty standing out from their competition on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — a common issue for almost all e-commerce companies. We worked with their team to create a dedicated Black Friday landing page — emphasizing their 30% off sitewide sale and highlighting best sellers to give subscribers an idea of what to purchase. 

To get ahead of the Black Friday competition, we sent sale access to subscribers two days early. Since the dedicated landing page wasn’t live anywhere else on the website, email subscribers could only find it through the email we sent — giving them exclusive access.


After the first four months, automated email revenue began to consistently generate more revenue than promotional emails. By the end of the year, automated campaigns increased revenue by 2,681%.

While we saw a decline in the total number of email recipients from 2019 to 2020, and decreased the number of emails we sent for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (from 12 emails in 2019 to three in 2020), we saw a 41.6% increase in transactions, a 57.7% increase in revenue, and a 11.4% increase in average order value, year over year. 

Additionally, we saw great improvements in our email success — with a 31% increase in open rate, 44% increase in click-through rate, and 10% increase in click-to-open rate, year over year. 

This goes to show that you don’t need to send a lot of emails or have a huge database to drive results — you just need a strong strategy.

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