Site Redesign Showcases New Themepark Attractions

Lost Island Waterpark turned to Spinutech to redesign their website in preparation for the opening of a new 90-acre themepark.

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Island-Themed Design

The redesigned website captures the look and feel of Lost Island, complete with subtle features and clear CTAs to help guide site visitors to where they need to go.

Rides & Attractions Filters

Lost Island is host to a variety of rides and attractions, and the redesigned website allows visitors to filter their options by category and explore all that the parks have to offer.

FAQ Organization

Spinutech overhauled Lost Island’s exhaustive FAQ page to include a drawer functionality for easier navigation and also strategically spread FAQ to relevant pages throughout the site.

Lost Island Waterpark

About Lost Island

The Lost Island Waterpark has been in operation since 2001, offering an oasis in the Midwest where visitors can escape to an island-like retreat for great fun in the summertime. For five consecutive years, Lost Island has been named to USA Today’s Top 10 Outdoor Waterparks in the U.S., ranking 2nd nationally as recently as 2022. Lost Island Adventure Golf, Lost Island Go-Karts, and Lost Island KOA Kampground are located on properties adjacent to the waterpark, providing visitors a variety of activities to share with friends and family.

Client Background

Lost Island first partnered with Spinutech to launch a new website back in 2010 before collaborating again on a redesign in 2015. They also have ongoing partnership with Spinutech that has seen us lead their paid media and paid social marketing efforts.

In July 2019, Lost Island announced plans to build a themepark featuring multiple attractions in five themed lands. Construction on the new themepark broke ground in August 2019. Ahead of a planned opening in June 2022, Lost Island approached Spinutech about updating their website to showcase the themepark and all that Lost Island has to offer.

In addition to promoting the attractions of the new themepark, the redesigned website needed to provide a better user experience, make the “island” theme more prevalent in the design, and include a new section of the site where blog content could be housed.

The Spinutech Approach

Lost Island’s existing website was built in Spinternet and our team determined that that CMS was still an ideal fit for their needs in part due to the client’s familiarity with the platform.

The biggest challenge of the site redesign was going to be incorporating the waterpark and themepark into one website that delivered a cohesive user experience and maintained consistent branding. We consulted with a variety of stakeholders across Lost Island, including customer service representatives, to gain insights into what information would be most important to potential visitors when visiting the site. Our team also performed UX and CRO audits to inform our strategy when it came to developing the site structure, and engaged in a deep competitor analysis to understand how to best shape the site’s user experience.

Spinutech U


To showcase all of Lost Island’s themed attractions while differentiating between each park, we essentially divided up the site’s content into three sections: General, Waterpark, and Themepark. Each section has its own distinct header and color scheme, utilizing the branding unique to each individual park. Spinutech integrated the redesigned site with ROLLER®, a third-party ticketing point-of-sale system, to enable visitors to check ticket availability and prices and purchase tickets online. We also enabled panel functionality on all pages of the site, allowing Lost Island to make each page more engaging as they continue to grow the website’s dynamic content.

Lost Island Waterpark and Themepark

Before & After

“The Spinutech team did an amazing job integrating and updating our existing waterpark website with the development of a new themepark site. Their approach was very structured and deliberate keeping us focused toward our target launch goal.”Becky Bertch, Lost Island Owner