Email Campaign Increases Revenue for CBD Company

A strategic email marketing campaign built customer loyalty and drove a 71% increase in revenue within three months for Nature's Script™.

Building a Better Subscribers List

Measures were adopted to clean up their subscribers list and create incentives to attract more engaged subscribers.

Segmented Emails with Customized Content

Emails tailored to subscribers based on their behavior and interactions with the website.

A Better Balance of Messaging

Email content was revamped to create a mix of promotions and non-promotional emails.

Nature's Script

About Nature's Script™

A CBD company trailblazing the future of health and wellness, Nature’s Script™ provides premium CBD products for people looking to better their daily lives with alternative wellness solutions.

Client Background

With a small team leading and executing their cross-channel marketing tactics, Nature’s Script™ was running email marketing campaigns but did not have the bandwidth on their team to scale and optimize their efforts.

They were looking to grow their email list in order to generate more revenue but weren’t aware of how their database may be hurting their email deliverability and performance. 

Their prior email strategy focused on promotional messaging and discounts, and all emails were promotional by nature. Offering discounts can be a great way to generate revenue, however, frequently offering them can devalue the product or service. What’s more, using a promotional tone at every point of contact doesn’t speak to the subscriber’s questions, concerns, or problems in a way that motivates them to convert. 

In addition to these challenges, the Nature’s Script™ team wasn’t utilizing efficient workflows or audience segmentation — both of which can lead to unsubscribes, increased spam labeling, and poor engagement.

The Spinutech Approach

The CBD industry is very competitive — retailers regularly offer discounts on products, and customers often have low brand loyalty. 

Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) advised that while list growth is important, you can generate revenue more effectively and efficiently through segmenting, list cleanup, and less frequent, customized promotions. We worked with Nature’s Script™ team to tailor their email marketing strategy and help them stand out among a highly saturated market.

Spinutech U

Automation to Boost Revenue

During our initial setup, we noticed the Nature’s Script™ website offered a 15% off discount code — the same discount offered to subscribers upon email sign-up. To attract more email subscriptions, we removed the code from the website and used it solely as a sign-up incentive. We then created an automated Welcome Series with the offer which helped increase revenue by 49% in the first three months.

Creating Efficiencies in the Subscription Model

In addition to the Welcome Series, we added automation around removing contacts that were unengaged with the series. Since Nature’s Script™ pays for their email platform based on the number of contacts they send to, this saves them money and improves deliverability, engagement, and overall email performance. 

To promote email subscriptions, we added a subscribe page and pop-up form on their website and promoted email subscriptions throughout our cross-channel marketing efforts. 

In just three months, their email list grew by 1,034 new subscribers.

Utilizing Segmentation, Personalization, and Conversational Messaging

Our ongoing strategy consisted of both automated and promotional emails. We rebuilt their email workflows such as Browse Abandonment and Abandon Cart Series, to ensure subscribers received customized emails based on their behaviors and interactions with the website. We also built Inactive Subscribers, Birthday, and Cross-Sell workflows to drive revenue and improve email performance even further. 

In addition to improving their workflows, we worked with the Nature’s Script™ team to hone the content of their emails — finding a happy medium between creative, unique promotions and non-promotional emails such as educational newsletters. 

Within just three months of Spinutech managing their promotional email strategy and execution, Nature’s Script™ saw a 70.98% increase in promotional revenue and overall improvements in email engagement metrics — all while sending fewer emails to fewer contacts.


Nature’s Script™ saw a 37.71% increase in automated email revenue, a 17.54% decrease in unsubscribes, and a 42.8% increase in promotional revenue YoY.

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