Innovative Design Lets Customers Find Local Experts

A full-service digital relationship helps drive conversions for local Pella Window & Door showrooms.

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Customized Sites with Individual Branch Content

Branch sites for Pella retail locations across the country consist of individual pages as well as shared content to build the authority of one overall domain.

Content Strategy & Execution

A research-based content calendar identifies topics based on trends, seasonality, and search opportunity to execute and create content.

Paid Media Advertising

Through a combination of paid media advertising, remarketing, and digital display, Pella appeals to customers and builds brand awareness.

Pella Branch

About Pella

Pella Windows & Doors has been a leader in innovative window and door solutions, technology, and products since 1925. Pella strives for continuous improvement in everything they do through innovation, service, and energy-saving solutions.

Client Background

In 2016, Pella came to Spinutech to develop multiple, individual showroom websites. Our team of experts recommended a different approach — one domain with shared content to build a strong authority in search with customizable pages for each individual branch, giving autonomy as well as building strength for the retail business overall.

The Spinutech Approach

Combining SEO-targeted content with acquisition tactics like paid media placements, the single domain for individual Pella showrooms,, focuses on showcasing work through projects, educating consumers through informational content, and driving conversions through a targeted sales funnel.

Spinutech U


From 2018 to 2019 the Pella Branch site saw a 174% increase year-over-year in overall sessions. Acquisition from organic search grew 59% during that same time period, while paid search initiatives led to a 30% growth rate for Pella branded keyword searches on mobile and a 44% increase in in-home consultations. Our ongoing relationship with Pella continues to grow in terms of tactics and impacted KPIs.

Customized, Individual Showroom Websites

Pella branches are locally operated, and often, locally owned. To provide flexibility for these individual branches to feature their own projects, highlight their staff members, and cater to a regional audience while providing brand consistency, our technical team created a way for showrooms to easily personalize their own sites through Spinutech’s CMS, but still operate within the framework of Pella corporate branding.

Custom Content

Multi-Faceted Content Strategy 

The content strategy for Pella includes content hitting on global, regional, and local topics to provide each local branch with content tailored for maximum impact as well as a localized approach. Developing content matching search intent helps capture potential customers during the awareness and consideration phases. By developing research-based content on a wide range of home topics, Pella is able to appeal to a broad audience with seasonal and topical industry trends. Targeted content matches specific search intentions to intercept queries with unique, valuable content that supplies the demand.


Remarketing CPA Reduced 34.4%

Pella’s branch paid media efforts are designed to integrate into an overall multi-channel funnel strategy by capturing awareness generated through broad-reach tactics while also providing consideration lift in the window and door replacement category. By maximizing remarketing list impressions for Pella, Spinutech was able to reduce overall CPA for the promotional run and garner an increase in direct conversion rate as compared to assisted conversions period-over-period.

Google Map Integration

Since consumers often want to see product quality up close, branch locations are key to providing this experience to their local community. Spinutech integrated Google Maps on the site to allow customers to find the showroom nearest to them, contact information, hours of operation, and a convenient link to directions.

Google Map Integration

Custom Content Highlights Before-and-After Photos

The projects section of the site allows local branches to highlight examples of their work in the area, including product details and before-and-after photos. Branch projects allow individual installation teams to showcase their work and connect prospective customers with real examples of installation jobs in their neighborhood.

before and after photos