Streamlined Site Build Drives Improved Lead Tracking

Probo Medical's redesigned WordPress site merges acquired suite of sites to enhance lead tracking, conversions, and site performance.

Intuitive CMS

Integration of a new WordPress page builder and content management system that makes it simple to complete website updates.

Improved Customer Journey

A redesigned website puts the focus on the user, highlighting the most valuable products and services in a clean and organized layout.

Integrated Lead Tracking

New, robust lead tracking and customer service integrations streamline sales and marketing efforts and reduce duplicated work.

Probo Medical

About Probo Medical

Probo Medical is the largest ultrasound equipment provider in the United States, and has become a trusted source for affordable diagnostic imaging equipment and support. The company is committed to empowering medical professionals to make smarter purchasing decisions without sacrificing standards of care.

Responsive Probo Medical Homepage

Client Background

Probo Medical engaged Spinutech to create a streamlined, user-friendly website with a more intuitive navigation and URL structure, with a focus on improving the site’s performance in search. The company’s existing website was on WordPress, but used a clunky, non-intuitive page builder that had become a major pain point for their team. Probo Medical also requested the ability to set up multi-site instances in WordPress for Probo Medical, UK sites, and any future sites. 

“We gave Spinutech six months,” says Brian Gill, Vice President of Marketing at Probo Medical, “to converge 13 websites into a single entity that was: scalable, custom designed, mobile-first, fast, SEO friendly, and beautiful. The site needed to present thousands of products in multiple modalities and services within the medical imaging market. It also needed to scale to add new modalities as we acquire new companies and offer new products. And to make it more difficult, we threw in a late addition of two international Probo Medical sites based on the same design.”

The Spinutech Approach

Before Spinutech began, the team developed a Website Merger Checklist for Probo Medical to help streamline the acquisition/merger process for sites that the company had acquired.  Spinutech then performed a content audit for Probo Medical, Providian Medical, and Ultrasound Supply to ensure that all services, products, and existing content were successfully integrated into the new website.

In addition, Spinutech assisted the client in the creation of a new brand identity by conducting a unique Visual Identity Session with the team. This effort, along with a persona development exercise, guided the development of content outlines and the implementation of new, optimized copy throughout the website. 

Spinutech U


“The sites went live 14 days earlier than originally planned,” says Gill, “on-time and on-budget. Further, we expected problems to occur, as is the norm in this industry. Yet the site launched with only one minor issue that was fixed immediately (and caused no problems). Months later, that one small issue is the only one we’ve had. To my knowledge, this is very rare.”

The fully integrated and streamlined Probo Medical website experienced increased site speed and improved page speed insights score. The new website utilizes the SiteOrigin page builder, which the client’s team finds both easy to use and intuitive. Spinutech also integrated a feature that allows the client to upload CSVs of product data and import it directly into WordPress—reducing the time the client’s team needed to spend updating the site. 

“A key component to the success,” says Gill, “was that Spinutech had an industry expert work on each component of the site: SEO, Design/UX, Project Management, Development/Programming, AdWords Integration, Content and IT. Having expert resources and guidance created an excellent working environment. We all took our jobs very seriously, but somehow we had fun along the way.”

Today, Spinutech’s relationship with Probo Medical continues with ongoing website maintenance and optimization, as well as a full suite of digital marketing initiatives designed to further amplify and elevate the Probo Medical brand.

“The sites went live 14 days earlier than originally planned… on-time and on-budget. We truly enjoyed working with our teammates at Spinutech.”Brian Gill | Vice President of Marketing | Probo Medical, LLC

Screenshot of Probo Medical showing the Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Simplified back-end integrating multiple domains streamlines the point of contact to support business goals, while new brand identity — including refreshed visuals and content — elevates brand.

Screenshot of Probo Medical showing the Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

User-focused website design leads visitors through an intuitive journey focused on customer education and lead generation.

Screenshot of Promo Medical showing robust tracking features

Robust Tracking Features

The integration of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Pardot, Salesforce and CallRail give the client deeper insights into how users interact with the site. It also enhances communication between sales and support teams, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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