New Website Highlights Financial Services Company's Products & Mission

SHAZAM's redesigned website highlights the company's offerings and core values for a streamlined user experience.

Client-First Approach

Responsive design and intuitive navigation enhance the experience for internal and external users.

Reduced Web Maintenance

Migration to a custom content management system simplifies site maintenance.

Improved Leads & Conversion

New site framework connects current and potential customers with the information they need in as few clicks as possible.



SHAZAM is a member-owned financial services provider and debit processor headquartered in Johnston, Iowa. Founded in 1976, SHAZAM delivers choice and flexibility to community financial institutions throughout the United States.

Client Background

Frustrated with their content management system and having multiple website portals across different domains, SHAZAM was in search of a streamlined solution that would allow them to easily update their website without having to go through a complicated process. They wanted a site that established their position as a leader in the financial industry and created a great online experience for their customers. SHAZAM wanted to improve the satisfaction of both internal and external customers and make it easier for users to move through the site in fewer clicks. As a major financial institution, a safe, secure website that was FDIC compliant was also a top priority.

The Spinutech Approach

Before diving into web development, our team of strategists gathered data and SEO research on how the current website was performing and where there were user pain points in need of improvement. We migrated their old sites into one cohesive solution on our user-friendly content management system for a single point of access. Spinutech developers worked with the SHAZAM technical team to ensure the updated site would adhere to the high security standards of the financial industry. Our designers then implemented best practices to create a fully redesigned website complete with a brand refresh.

Armed with research and FHLBDM’s business goals, we created the roadmap for a single cohesive and organized website that would allow them to grow sustainably. The user-friendly and responsive site presents their services, products, and supporting resources in an intuitive manner. 

Spinutech U


The updated website puts a focus on user experience, with SHAZAM’s values and core services now positioned front and center — highlighted by a 34% increase in organic traffic the first year. By integrating multiple portals and sites into one, user pain points were eliminated leading to an 11% decrease in bounce rate during the first year.

SHAZAM homepage
“Spinutech provided the guidance and expertise we needed in designing and developing our website. We were looking for a partner that had experience and could share industry best practices. We found that partner in Spinutech. They were always responsive to our questions and stayed on course with their project plan. We now have a great website thanks to Spinutech’s partnership.”Cindy Smith, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales Support, SHAZAM

Cleaned up structure

Established Leadership

Representing SHAZAM as a leader in the financial industry was important. An easy-to-navigate website integrated with the company’s mission and values positions SHAZAM as a trustworthy leader in the financial industry. Testimonials from real clients placed throughout the website help underscore SHAZAM’s expertise.

online portals

Ease of Use

SHAZAM maintains numerous online service portals in one location. A clean dropdown menu in the main header allows clients to quickly access their respective portal.

simple user experience

Enhanced User Experience

Noninvasive flip cards present SHAZAM’s most important product and service information in a clean and simple manner. New calls-to-action increase lead generation and build authority and trust with customers.

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