Rebranded Website Transforms Browsers into Buyers

Split Rail Fence website rebrand and relaunch drives more traffic and conversions using the intuitive Sitefinity CMS platform.

Intuitive CMS

Implementation of the Sitefinity CMS platform for a seamless, flexible and easily-customizable experience.

Improved Website Traffic

Streamlined content and a fresh, modern design helped grow site impressions and new users.

Enhanced Lead Tracking

Digital marketing audit and HubSpot optimization and integration improved lead tracking and sales efforts.

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About Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence is one of the largest retailers, wholesalers, and contractors of fences in Colorado. The company offers a full line of fence products and services for homeowners, commercial businesses, homeowners associations, and developers. These services include installation, maintenance, and materials. Founded in 1974, the company has nearly 150 employees, two local distribution facilities, and the largest inventory in the state of Colorado.

Client Background

Split Rail Fence sought out Spinutech to address the disconnect between their internal perception of their brand and its representation on their outdated website. The goal was to create a website that could serve not just as an online storefront, but also a powerful sales tool that put their brand face first. The site needed to be SEO-optimized, easy and intuitive to use and maintain, and designed from the ground up to facilitate greater engagement and lead conversion. It also needed to highlight each of their core competencies.

The Spinutech Approach

To transform Split Rail Fence’s website, the Spinutech team began with a comprehensive digital audit. The team chose the Sitefinity platform for the build due to its ease of use, including simple drag and drop layouts and widgets for new page builds. A complete branding identity was also established. Content was developed and structured to emphasize the company’s new, community-first branding and value proposition.  

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The fresh, responsive and rebranded website hosted on the intuitive Sitefinity platform allowed the Split Rail Fence team to easily update content as needed. Both content and design worked together to convey the company’s deep roots in Colorado. The new branding positioned the company as a fencing leader devoted to the community it serves. In addition, the new website experienced improved loading speeds and increased site traffic.

Ease of Use

Simplified and intuitive user interface makes back-end updates a breeze.

Enhanced User Experience

User-first design leads visitors through a seamless education and conversion path.

Localized Leadership

The new branding and site content positions the company as a fencing expert in the region with strong community ties.