nopCommerce Opens Up Online Ordering for Transportation Equipment Provider

A redesigned website with a custom search feature provided Sun State the Ecommerce capabilities their business had been missing.

Custom Search Feature

Spinutech developed and implemented a custom search feature that pulls real-time data from Sun State’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, allowing customers to find products and place their orders online.

Real-Time Inventory Data

The nopCommerce CMS provided our team the necessary customization to build a software bridge between multiple databases, making real-time inventory data possible.

Online Ordering

Sun State’s previous website had no Ecommerce functionalities, and the nopCommerce CMS provided them with all the essential features to make online ordering a reality.

Sun State

About Sun State

Sun State is a family-owned and operated provider of parts and service for commercial vehicles throughout the state of Florida and neighboring states. They strive to be the premier provider of quality transportation products, parts, and service at a fair price, with an unrivaled commitment to customers' success matched only by their dedication to employees’ growth, development, and well-being, and their calling to have a meaningful impact in their community.

Client Background

Prior to working with Spinutech, Sun State conducted most of their business over the phone or via email. Orders had to be entered manually into their parts management system because their previous website was purely informational and lacked any Ecommerce functionality.

The Spinutech Approach

Spinutech determined that nopCommerce was the ideal CMS for Sun State. Not only did nopCommerce provide all of the features essential to operating an Ecommerce website, but it is also extremely customizable. Because Sun State leverages Proceed, a third-party ERP system, to store their catalog data, a flexible CMS was critical to ensuring a seamless integration.

Taking into account that Sun State relies on Proceed to manage their day-to-day operations, Spinutech was tasked with developing a hybrid solution that would allow customers to place orders online without disrupting Sun State’s internal processes. So we built a software bridge between Proceed and the nopCommerce database — a solution that resulted in significant time savings for development — funneling real-time inventory data to the website.

Spinutech U


In the first year since its launch, the site created a streamlined experience for both customers and employees alike. Customers are now able to place orders online rather than send a spreadsheet to a sales representative, and it has eliminated the need for Sun State employees to enter orders manually into their ERP system. Spinutech continues to provide Sun State ongoing website support and maintenance, working through a backlog of development requests and new opportunities to further enhance their site and grow the business.

Sun State Search Features