Updated Website Drives Business for Transportation Company

A user-friendly website and enhanced features help TMC hit KPIs.


Increased Driver Recruitment

Clear, concise calls-to-action make it easy for interested individuals to apply for a driving position.

Improved Website Traffic

Restructured content and an updated design helped grow site impressions and new users.

Custom Features Help Users

A custom tool makes it easy to locate nearby schools where drivers can obtain a commercial license.


About TMC

Founded in 1972, TMC is the largest privately-held flatbed carrier in the nation. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, TMC is recognized in the transportation industry as a premier flatbed carrier known for its integrity, innovation, and highly-trained drivers. TMC has been employee-owned since 2013 and has a fleet of top-of-the-line late-model equipment. The company has a focus on safety, quality, and customer service. 

Client Background

Frustrated with a redesign that wasn’t performing, TMC first came to Spinutech in 2012 for help improving their website. The Spinutech-updated site launched in 2013 and was the start of an ongoing partnership. Eight years later, TMC wanted to update their website and once again looked to Spinutech for the strategy and execution. They wanted a refreshed site that would improve the user experience and make it easier to recruit both drivers and business partners.

The Spinutech Approach

Before updating the TMC website, we conducted thorough design research, including gathering on-site analytics and preferred CTAs and performing company research. We then studied the taxonomy of TMC’s website and proposed a new site layout, incorporating ideas from both design and SEO research.

By pairing research and best practices with TMC’s desires, we designed a cleaner, updated version of the website that delivers an improved user experience and meets the company’s goals.

Spinutech U


Following the redesign, bounce rates to the TMC website decreased by 11%. All users increased by 42%, while new users increased by 44%, and pages per session decreased by 10%. The data indicates that users are finding what they are looking for faster and with fewer clicks required.

TMC Home Page
“Our redesign has enabled us to give our site users better navigation to find the information important to them. As our business grew, there were new ways for visitors to use available information, but finding it could be confusing. Traffic volume to our website has increased and our SEO has improved. We have been happy with the results.”Stacey Sickmiller, Marketing & PR Manager, TMC Transportation

Enhanced CTAs

Enhanced CTAs

A two-pronged CTA approach works double-duty to meet TMC’s goals by helping renew focus on driver recruitment and retention while also growing their business partners.

Refreshed Website

Refreshed Website

Integrated information from multiple domains streamlines the point of contact and enhances site content to support corporate web presence, while refreshed visuals — including video — add interest and interactivity.

CDL Tool

CDL Tool

A custom CDL School Locations tool further aids the goal of driver recruitment by enabling interested drivers to connect to a school close to them.