Redesigned Website Keeps Insurance Company's Policyholders Happy

UPC Insurance's new and improved website more efficiently and effectively guides visitors to the relevant content they need.

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Content for All Audiences

UPC Insurance has to serve multiple audiences, from existing and prospective policyholders to insurance agents. The new site’s content was tailored to fulfill each of their unique needs.

User-Friendly Navigation

The previous UPC website suffered from an inefficient sitemap. Spinutech overhauled the structure and navigation to help users achieve their goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Ongoing Site Management

UPC had difficulty updating website content using their previous CMS. The robust functionality of their new CMS allows them to make updates and add new projects easily.

UPC Insurance

About UPC Insurance

Founded in 1999, UPC Insurance provides commercial, residential, homeowners, and flood insurance in 12 states. They are the 18th largest writer of homeowners insurance and related lines in the nation. Their tagline, "Keep the Promise®" serves as the backbone of everything they do: being there for their policyholders who look to them to provide a financial backstop for their most important asset—their property. 

Client Background

When UPC Insurance approached Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) for their website project, their current site was outdated and a source of frustration for their policyholders and employees. The navigation wasn't intuitive, their most important website pages were missing "the UPC story," and they had issues updating content in their current CMS. They also wanted to compete with new and upcoming companies in the insurance industry that were focusing heavily on their digital experiences. They were looking to scale and wanted to find the right partner to help them elevate their website.

The Spinutech Approach

The vision was clear: UPC Insurance needed a modern, mobile-friendly web design, in an easy-to-use CMS that could support future integrations and scale with the company. So, the Spinutech team held multiple roadmapping sessions to identify the requirements and goals of the new site, ultimately recommending Sitefinity as the CMS platform due to its robust functionality, ability to make updates easily, and emphasis on security.

Along with the shift to Sitefinity, the team also identified an opportunity to personalize the content on the new site to UPC's unique audiences: insurance agents, existing policyholders, and prospective policyholders. This kicked off a series of interviews with the executive leadership team which helped the content writers and designers ensure the wants and needs of each audience were fulfilled.

Another element to the success of the project included an in-depth review of the current site structure and navigation. The Spinutech team created a new sitemap which provided a better user journey throughout the website. Wireframes and multiple design iterations were also created to help communicate the new navigation structure and key elements of the core pages of the site.

Spinutech U


UPC Insurance's updated website design and development projects resulted in a 56.44% improvement in the overall page load time, a 22% decrease in overall bounce rate, and a 28% increase in organic traffic CTR for branded search terms. The solution allowed users to get answers to their insurance questions quickly and efficiently as well as helped to guide visitors to relevant content they wouldn't normally be able to find.

The UPC Insurance team also engaged Spinutech in an ongoing website maintenance plan which allows them to continuously add projects for the website as they scale.

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