Video Content

Videos are quickly becoming the content of choice for consumers online. We make sure your content not only feeds the appetite for video but also achieves your strategic goals.

Videos make your audience pause and engage.

Everyone is consuming more video content — on YouTube in social media feeds, and through streaming services. More video doesn’t necessarily mean better video. Many brands start creating videos without setting a clear strategy, defining measurable goals, or establishing metrics. We help you set a video marketing strategy that maximizes your investment in the production costs and complements your larger digital marketing efforts.

Video Marketing Strategy & Planning

A successful video starts long before the shoot. To get any ROI, your videos must do more than rack up views. We take a holistic look at your digital presence to see which channels and tactics will benefit from video most. Our strategists help you set goals, identify specific content needs, establish a style that fits your brand, and outline the steps necessary for video marketing success. So when it comes time for the shoot, the video team is better informed of your end goals and can focus on capturing quality content.

Video Storyboarding & Script Writing

You have to go into a video shoot with a clear plan to make the most of the time you’ve spent weeks scheduling. Our content team creates storyboards to outline the shots needed to meet your video needs and writes video scripts to help voice or on-air talent clearly deliver your core message. The upfront work leads to a smoother shoot, higher-quality content, and less time in the editing process.

Channel Optimization

A video strategy establishes the various channels for your videos and makes the goals clear for each medium. Our strategists apply your strategy to your video content, optimizing it for each digital channel so it’s the right length, includes the correct metadata, and is designed to engage the specific audience there. We also have the skills and tools to turn existing video assets into new social media posts, video ads, and website videos to extend the life of your content and increase your return on investment.

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