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Email Marketing

Directly marketing a message to a user base, email marketing takes advantage of the most common form of communication, email.

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing channels with as much as a 40% greater return on investment over other tactics.  They keys to success, however, lie within the strategy and the tactical execution. Just like Spinternet allows you nearly full control of your website, our email marketing system, U-Mail, does the same.

When you combine these advanced capabilities with the brain power of our digital strategists, we have the recipe to make sure that every marketing dollar is well-spent. Below are a few specific highlights around our email marketing services.

Umail Email Marketing

Easy Email Creation

Our designers will create custom email templates to seamlessly match your brand. From there, you have full control to create and send your campaigns at will with one of the most user-friendly and powerful content management systems in the market today.

List Management

With today's CANSPAM laws there are many things to consider to make sure you are in compliance. U-mail takes the worry out of this by fully automating this aspect to make sure your unsubscribes are managed and your new subscribers get the content they desire. Our strategists can help make sure your lists are set up in a way that scales the way you need.

Email Automation

We can take email marketing to the next level with a robust automation system. Our strategists can help come up with a content and distribution strategy that can automate very specific content to specific audiences based on know demographics or past interactions with email campaigns.

Detailed Reporting

The reports out of U-mail are professional, detailed and easy to understand. Simply export a PDF or Excel file and you are good to go. We take the time out of reporting to let you focus more on your marketing. Need help to understand what all the data means? Our strategists can help break this information down into actionable steps.

Strategic Consulting

Need help coming up with an email strategy that works for your business? Our strategists can help review your efforts and come up with a custom strategy plan to meet your business goals. This could involve a combination of lists growth, content and optimization strategies.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a way of working out which of two campaign options is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks. We give every client the ability to do this on their own, or our strategists can help determine what some good testing criteria would be. This is the best way to really maximize your email marketing ROI.

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