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Franchise and Dealer Network Digital Marketing

Digital marketing opportunities for franchise and dealer networks

Franchise Marketing Services for the Digital Era

Digital marketing solutions for franchise and dealer networks that capitalize on local strategies while building the overall brand. Spinutech works with corporate networks to develop website and digital marketing solutions. Our combined experiences allow us to custom-tailor tactics to meet the needs of companies operating in this space.

We can help you strike a balance between your centralized marketing operations and the franchise systems they serve. Invest in the right localized techniques to achieve optimal results benefiting the company on a brand and local level. We build customized, local sites reflecting the corporate brand, then work to build your search presence through a combination of digital strategies.

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Enhanced Web Service Solution

Enhanced Web Service Solutions

We build website platforms that contain multiple sites using the same infrastructure for dealer and franchise networks. This creates a substantial cost savings for participating companies and helps increase web visibility while gaining leads and driving sales. Mobile responsive design integrates product landing pages and promotional pages in an SEO friendly environment to help you generate traffic and sell more product.

  • Website design that can accommodate the corporate brand as well as the local dealer or franchisee
  • Create and customize a new platform site designed to win local leads and opps
  • Available variety of site administration options for the platform including integrated location listings, centralized product catalog/inventory listings, event calendars, and news editors/blogs
  • Each dealer site can have subtle design changes to set them apart
  • Mobile responsive design allows you to appropriately capture the local mobile audience

Get some inspiration with our latest designs:

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Local Digital Strategies

Local digital strategies contribute to overall brand presence

Enhance your digital presence through local listings and citations. Complete and accurate local listings facilitate online research conducted by your potential customers. Local listing data management can be a large volume of work for dealers or franchise networks, so it often gets missed or isn’t a priority. We can help.

  • Centralize claiming, review, and management of local listing data to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness
  • Accurate directory listings can protect and improve your SEO performance
  • Local SEO strategies include optimizing for organic, maps & mobile search rankings
  • Dedicated local landing pages capture customer interest on a local level
  • Educate franchisees on local SEO and its impact on individual locations as well as the brand as a whole

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Review Monitoring

Review monitoring

Build your overall brand through review and brand monitoring and management. Claiming, monitoring, and managing local listings is critical for franchise networks, but the volume can be overwhelming. Work together with dealers or franchisees to create a review management program for your multi-location business.

  • Create and maintain a review strategy on a corporate and local level
  • Encourage and facilitate online customer reviews
  • Manage and respond to reviews
  • Local business listing reviews often contain location data
  • GMB or Yelp star ratings impact knowledge graph

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We had several agencies to choose from when selecting a digital marketing partner. Spinutech presented a strong strategy that focused on the goals for our complex business model. The strategy was thoroughly researched and thoughtfully planned. In a very short period of time our new website exceeded all expectations. We are now achieving the goals we set thanks to Spinutech’s hard work and digital expertise.

Lynn Long, Centralized Marketing Manager

Websites designed for conversions

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