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Why Work at Spinutech?: Marketing Automation Edition

Published by Spinutech on June 21, 2023

Why Work at Spinutech?: Marketing Automation Edition

Did you know there are more than 10,000 digital marketing agencies in the United States?

But there’s only one Spinutech.

If you’re reading this, we’re going to make two assumptions about why you’re here:

  1. You are interested in a Marketing Automation position at Spinutech
  2. You want to know what separates Spinutech from the other 9,9999 agencies

We’re going to try and help you out with No. 2 because getting hired at Spinutech is as much about you choosing us as it is about us choosing you. You have the talent and skills to work anywhere. It’s on us to convince you that Spinutech is not just anywhere.

Most importantly, when we extend an offer to a candidate, we’re not looking for a simple, “Yes.” We’re looking for an emphatic, “Heck yes!” We want you to want to be part of our team. So if you’re not sold on Spinutech by the end of this, we’ll bid you good luck with no hard feelings. 

Now, for the question that brought you here:

Why Work in Marketing Automation at Spinutech?

To answer that in a way you haven’t heard a hundred times before, we turned to the people who once sat where you’re sitting now (i.e. our Marketing Automation team).

“You’re never going to be limited to doing things ‘our way.’”

“We all have a say within our team,” says Izzy Hendricks, Director of Marketing Automation.

“You're never going to be limited to doing things "our way". You have the autonomy to work how you want, make suggestions on what is or isn't working, and most importantly, you have a team to lean on when you're stuck or just need support,” she adds.

“If you have new ideas or want to try a new strategy or tool, it will be welcomed by your team with open arms,” echoes Ekaterina Capatides, one of our Marketing Automation Strategists.

“Work in an environment where you can continually grow your skills.”

“If you want to work in an environment where you can continually grow your skills, then Spinutech is where you want to be,” according to Ekaterina. “Collaborate with other marketing channels, learn about different aspects of automation (and actually apply those learnings to the benefit of your clients), and work with a variety of verticals ranging from B2B to ecommerce.”

“The ‘We Get Better Every Day’ and ‘We Own It’ core values make Spinutech an ideal place to work if you're looking to expand your career while enjoying what you do,” she says.

“Spinutech provides an amazing opportunity to find and define your role,” adds Greg Clemmons, Email & CRM Strategist. “Our team encourages strategists to grow into their roles and constantly bring new ideas to the table. Spinutech really recognizes the value in owning your role and making sure you're always learning to get better in your position and further in your career.”

“We’re a very open and welcoming bunch.”

“We're a very open and welcoming bunch, which is helpful when we spend a lot of our time talking, Slacking, working, and brainstorming together,” Izzy says.

“We all have different experiences and areas of expertise and one of my favorite things is when we bring all of that together and help each other solve a problem or come up with new ideas.”

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