Our Team

Combined, our all-star team of digital strategists, account leads, and web designers and developers has more than a century of dedicated digital marketing experience.

We’re Lifelong Learners

“Get better every day!” That’s our motto. We come to work every day to continually improve upon our best because that is what our clients — and our teammates — expect and deserve.

We Really Like Each Other

Being part of the Spinutech team means learning more about the person next to you than just their name. We strive to foster a culture of caring, to create a work environment where everyone feels appreciated, motivated, and inspired. And we’re always down for a Friday Happy Hour.

We’re Strategic Partners

We are a team of problem solvers. We collaborate with clients to provide guidance that addresses the unique needs of each business and service that exceeds expectations.

Ben Vorwerk Ben Vorwerk Social Media Strategist David Jozefczak David Jozefczak Web Developer Laura Shaner Laura Shaner Billing Specialist Brian Allen Brian Allen Digital Marketing Director Kira Brabeck Kira Brabeck Paid Media Strategist Taylor Fisher Taylor Fisher SEO Strategist Mark Villaloboz Mark Villaloboz Paid Media Strategist Tina Kendall Tina Kendall Digital Account Lead Sekhar Gopisetty Sekhar Gopisetty Web Developer Paul Kuempel Paul Kuempel Web Developer Maleah Hanken Maleah Hanken Digital Account Lead MacKenzie Bakker MacKenzie Bakker Digital Account Lead Rachel Demmer Rachel Demmer Digital Account Manager Dave Bernardy Dave Bernardy Web Developer Shane Klein Shane Klein Project Manager Pat Higelmire Pat Higelmire Paid Media Strategist Ashlee Sorensen Ashlee Sorensen Digital Account Lead Jessica Mellema Jessica Mellema Digital Account Lead Blake Ruane Blake Ruane Content Strategist Julianne Hilmes Bartlett Julianne Hilmes Bartlett Content Strategist Dustin O’Leary Dustin O’Leary Digital & Data Strategist Eric Bonzer Eric Bonzer Design Director Jack Thornton Jack Thornton Project Manager Chuck Christensen Chuck Christensen Web Developer Joel Laneville Joel Laneville Web Designer Jordan Bahnsen Jordan Bahnsen Content Strategist Wesley Attaway Wesley Attaway Paid Media Strategist Dawid Zmuda Dawid Zmuda Web Developer Amber Hudson Amber Hudson Web Developer Luke Baldwin Luke Baldwin Web Designer Stephanie Honn Stephanie Honn Paid Media Strategist Anthony Gianneschi Anthony Gianneschi Web Developer Jessica Kreyling Jessica Kreyling Web Support Specialist Brandon Bever Brandon Bever Paid Media Strategist Andrew Welden Andrew Welden Digital Marketing Intern Tiffany Hamil Tiffany Hamil Digital Account Lead Alan Corley Alan Corley Web Developer Julie Rooda Julie Rooda SEO Strategist Andrea Holdsworth Andrea Holdsworth SEO Strategist Shayna Dodd Shayna Dodd Office Operations Manager James Barry James Barry Web Developer Courtney Broyles Courtney Broyles Sr. SEO Strategist Brianne Koch Brianne Koch Web Designer Kiley Skadburg Kiley Skadburg Client Services Director Alyssa Wilson Alyssa Wilson Digital Account Manager Ben Johnson Ben Johnson SEO Strategist Tyler Peekenschneider Tyler Peekenschneider SEO Strategist Maggie Boesen Maggie Boesen Social Media Strategist Betsy Robson Betsy Robson Sr. Project Manager Taylor Spino Taylor Spino Web Developer Ali Holtz Ali Holtz Paid Media Strategist Tim Fitzgerald Tim Fitzgerald Web Developer Christine Sedlacek Christine Sedlacek Project Manager / Business Analyst Mark Palmer Mark Palmer Web Designer Adam Lewis Adam Lewis Principal Marc Reifenrath Marc Reifenrath President Katie Thompson Katie Thompson Social Media Strategist Cory Schmidt Cory Schmidt Principal Lauren McGill Lauren McGill Project Coordinator Todd Reifenrath Todd Reifenrath Director, Chicago Office Sarah Mueller Sarah Mueller Content Strategist Cody See Cody See Paid Media Strategist Jeremy Karns Jeremy Karns Client Services Coordinator Tyler Rayome Tyler Rayome Sr. Paid Media Strategist Jeremy Schmidt Jeremy Schmidt Data and Analytics Brooke Dominguez Brooke Dominguez Social Media Strategist Join Our Team We are always looking for talented people.