Our Team

Combined, our all-star team of digital strategists, account leads, and web designers and developers has more than a century of dedicated digital marketing experience.

We’re Lifelong Learners

“Get better every day!” That’s our motto. We come to work every day to continually improve upon our best because that is what our clients — and our teammates — expect and deserve.

We Really Like Each Other

Being part of the Spinutech team means learning more about the person next to you than just their name. We strive to foster a culture of caring, to create a work environment where everyone feels appreciated, motivated, and inspired. And we’re always down for a Friday Happy Hour.

We’re Strategic Partners

We are a team of problem solvers. We collaborate with clients to provide guidance that addresses the unique needs of each business and service that exceeds expectations.

Jeff Unseld Jeff Unseld Director of Project Management Laura Carr Laura Carr Account Supervisor Chase Bougeon Chase Bougeon Paid Media Strategist Cody Koeppen Cody Koeppen Content Strategist Kendrick Worthy Kendrick Worthy IT Technician Dowell Harmon Dowell Harmon Sr. Paid Media Strategist Nate Townsend Nate Townsend Sr. .NET Developer Kate Baranowski Kate Baranowski Sr. Talent Strategist Steve Mallory Steve Mallory Sr. Web Developer MacKenzie Bakker MacKenzie Bakker Group Account Director Stephen Massaro Stephen Massaro Director of Web Support & Maintenance Mike Armijo Mike Armijo Quality Assurance Test Analyst Nadia Hamdan Nadia Hamdan Sr. CRO Strategist John Vernam John Vernam Quality Assurance Test Analyst Julie Rooda Julie Rooda Sr. SEO Strategist Drew Stone Drew Stone Sr. Account Manager Eric Bonzer Eric Bonzer Director of Web Design Jared Greenbaum Jared Greenbaum Sr. Social Media Strategist Nick Thurlow Nick Thurlow SEO Strategist Sarah Butler Sarah Butler SEO Copywriter Johnna Decker Johnna Decker Account Supervisor Luke Will Luke Will Paid Media Strategist Jacob Runia Jacob Runia SEO Strategist Meghann Anderson-Russell Meghann Anderson-Russell Paid Media Team Lead Anna Pritchard Anna Pritchard Data Science Team Lead Brandon Delagardelle Brandon Delagardelle CRO Strategist Dave Bernardy Dave Bernardy Team Lead, Senior Web Developer Mark Palmer Mark Palmer Sr. Designer Timothy Fitzgerald Timothy Fitzgerald Team Lead, Senior Web Developer Scott McAtasney Scott McAtasney Front-End Development Team Lead Mark Sanders Mark Sanders Resourcing and Traffic Manager Jeremy Karns Jeremy Karns Systems Engineer Jason Dorsett Jason Dorsett Chief Information Officer Sekhar Gopisetty Sekhar Gopisetty Sr. Web Developer Chinedu Chukwuani Chinedu Chukwuani Web Project Manager Jackson Teeling Jackson Teeling Business Development Manager Meghan McAtasney Meghan McAtasney Director of Content Strategy Dana Kelley Dana Kelley Account Director Mathew Zannoni Mathew Zannoni Sr. .NET Developer Annie Dimock Annie Dimock Social Media Strategist Torie Hoffman Torie Hoffman Content Strategist Jamey Neely Jamey Neely Sr. Designer Maggie Boesen Maggie Boesen Social Media Team Lead Aaron Criswell Aaron Criswell Team Lead Web Design Chase Eiklenborg Chase Eiklenborg Digital Marketing Intern Jake Pacheco Jake Pacheco Creative Director Cam Barclay Cam Barclay PHP Developer Bailey Bosson Bailey Bosson VP of Marketing Services Iris Carde Iris Carde Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager Divya Bisht Divya Bisht Content Strategist Shannon McCraw Shannon McCraw Sr. SEO Strategist Tara Karst Tara Karst Digital Solutions Specialist Ben Youngblade Ben Youngblade SEO Strategist Kevin Hourigan Kevin Hourigan President Wesley Seay Wesley Seay Sr. Front-End Developer Laura Shaner Laura Shaner Accounting Associate Karlee Sinnott Karlee Sinnott Paid Media Strategist Ariel Kepler-Wolfe Ariel Kepler-Wolfe SEO Strategist Heidi Williams Heidi Williams Project Manager Cody Neely Cody Neely Sr. Account Manager Brooke Vasey Brooke Vasey Sr. Account Supervisor Rich Read Rich Read Director of Development Derek Larabee Derek Larabee SEO Team Lead Megan Hoover Megan Hoover CRO Team Lead Kyra King Kyra King Sr. Project Manager Shannon Murphy Shannon Murphy Social Media Specialist Grace McGovern Grace McGovern SEO Strategist Chad Clarke Chad Clarke Sr. Systems Engineer Alex Guedes Alex Guedes .NET Developer Natalie Holder Natalie Holder Paid Social Media Strategist Heather Austin Heather Austin Account Director Tony Gianneschi Tony Gianneschi Sr. Web Developer Brandon Farestad Brandon Farestad Sr. Content Strategist Scott Neidig Scott Neidig ASP.NET MVC Developer Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Sr. SEO Strategist Maggie Moss Maggie Moss VP of Web Services Janie Kate Morgan Janie Kate Morgan Account Coordinator Britny Hocken Britny Hocken Project Manager Andrew Welden Andrew Welden Paid Media Strategist Frani McDermott Frani McDermott Talent Coordinator Claire Hawkes Claire Hawkes Paid Media Strategist Joe Unhammer Joe Unhammer SEO Strategist Ekaterina Capatides Ekaterina Capatides Marketing Automation Strategist Katie McNeela Katie McNeela Corporate Marketing Manager Chris Witt Chris Witt Sr. Web Developer Alexis Nicholson Alexis Nicholson Paid Media Strategist Rachel Rockwell Rachel Rockwell Content Strategist Chelsea Pederson Chelsea Pederson Sr. Account Manager Brianne Koch Brianne Koch Sr. Designer Sarah Brabec Sarah Brabec Data & Analytics Strategist Stephanie Kessler Stephanie Kessler Group Director of Brand Experience Marc Reifenrath Marc Reifenrath CEO John Watkins II John Watkins II Social Media Strategist Kristin Simpson Kristin Simpson Sr. Project Manager Devin Range Devin Range VP of Business Development Mason Widmer Mason Widmer Programmatic Media Strategist Mao Own Mao Own Social Media Strategist Emily Carballo Emily Carballo Sr. Project Manager Jeff Harris Jeff Harris Sr. Front-End Developer Kip Russell Kip Russell Director of Social Media Tigh Bakker Tigh Bakker Data & Analytics Strategist Luke Baldwin Luke Baldwin Team Lead Front End Design Molly Manchester Molly Manchester Account Supervisor Samantha Trimble Samantha Trimble Human Resource Specialist Mike Vernam Mike Vernam Sr. Web Developer Pat Higelmire Pat Higelmire Director of Paid Media Randi Deets Randi Deets Accounting Associate Mark Villaloboz Mark Villaloboz Associate Director of Paid Search Faye Haun Faye Haun Social Media Team Lead Shayna Dodd Shayna Dodd Accounting Manager Ben Vorwerk Ben Vorwerk Social Media Team Lead Christine Sedlacek Christine Sedlacek Web Services Relationship Manager Tim Trahey Tim Trahey Account Director Will Scholtes Will Scholtes Director of IT & Security Julia Smith Julia Smith Account Director Reagan Gerena Reagan Gerena Sr. Project Manager Madison Barker Madison Barker Project Management Specialist Rachel Demmer Rachel Demmer Team Member Support Taylor Fisher Taylor Fisher SEO Team Lead Sarah Westholm Sarah Westholm Designer Cade Turner Cade Turner Project Coordinator Tammie Bucknell Tammie Bucknell Talent Strategist Adam Fontana Adam Fontana Director of Client Strategy Katie Cuvelier Katie Cuvelier Sr. Social Media Strategist Sarah Mueller Sarah Mueller Sr. Content Strategist Joshua Vandergriff Joshua Vandergriff Project Manager Fred Wootten Fred Wootten Sr. Front-End Developer Brian Hogan Brian Hogan Video Production Team Lead Kira Brabeck Kira Brabeck Paid Media Strategist Jean Kaul-Brown Jean Kaul-Brown Account Supervisor Ivy Henderson Ivy Henderson Content Strategist Kurt Marks Kurt Marks Sr. Client Strategy Lead Liz Turner Liz Turner Chief Operations Officer Matt Mackay Matt Mackay Sr. Programmatic Media Strategist Todd Reifenrath Todd Reifenrath Director of Development Jeremy Schmidt Jeremy Schmidt Data & Analytics Team Lead Wesley Attaway Wesley Attaway Paid Media Strategist Kelly Eagle Kelly Eagle VP of Client Services Brian Allen Brian Allen Chief Growth Officer Paul Kuempel Paul Kuempel Team Lead, Senior Web Developer Melissa Troha Melissa Troha Sr. Account Supervisor Marissa Vega Marissa Vega Sr. Account Manager Larissa Pacella Larissa Pacella Sr. Front-End Developer Andrea Holdsworth Andrea Holdsworth Director of SEO Matt Kelley Matt Kelley Controller Eric Andersen Eric Andersen Content Strategist Eric Siegel Eric Siegel Testing & Optimization Developer Amanda Walters Amanda Walters Paid Media Strategist Taylor Spino Taylor Spino Sr. Web Developer Blake Ruane Blake Ruane Content Team Lead Kameron Hurley Kameron Hurley Sr. Content Strategist Britany Miller Britany Miller Sr. Front End Designer Jenny Fordyce Jenny Fordyce Sr. Account Supervisor Joel Laneville Joel Laneville Sr. Front End Designer Taylor Boyenga Taylor Boyenga Sr. Account Manager Jenna Ouellet Jenna Ouellet Web Analyst Hanna Lee-Kleb Hanna Lee-Kleb Sr. Account Manager Greg Clemmons Greg Clemmons Email & CRM Strategist Kyle McCurry Kyle McCurry Paid Media Strategist Gillian Turner Gillian Turner Project Manager Izzy Hendricks Izzy Hendricks Director of Email & Marketing Automation Mike Flores Mike Flores Team Lead, Senior Web Developer Kim Davidson Kim Davidson VP of Team Member Support Samantha Miller Samantha Miller Account Manager Join Our Team We are always looking for talented people.