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Web-focused and strategy driven, Spinutech is a web-design and digital marketing company that specializes in creating great websites that meet or exceed the goals of who we work with.

Spinutech Logo on Door

Our People

Our talented team was built on doing what is right and taking care of our clients. We look forward to solving problems and strive to do the best work possible.

Our Philosophy

We love partnering with our clients for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We look forward to the future and how our ever-evolving industry will continue to change.

Our Clients

We are fortunate to work with clients all over the US and the world in industries ranging from healthcare, manufacturing, dealer & franchise networks, tourism, grocery, museums, banking, insurance, etc.

History of Spinutech

Spinutech was started in 2000. We were three college kids from small town Iowa starting a business after the dot com bubble had officially burst. What we lacked in experience was outweighed by passion. We started working out of our college apartments at the University of Northern Iowa. We joined the local chamber and networked with the "older" crowd. One of our differentiating factors was our content management system we named Spinternet.

By 2003 we were in our official "world headquarters" in downtown Cedar Falls and we were a little less wet behind the ears. Our new office was large enough to handle our growth in team members and served our needs well. By this time we had clients in several states and continued to further many of our existing client relationships.

In 2005 we moved into our current office location in downtown Cedar Falls. This was a move to handle our growing team and to better serve the clients we had in over 25 states at that time. In 2006 we opened another office in Des Moines. This move allowed us to better serve many of our Des Moines clients. In 2016 we expanded into Chicago with an office and an initial team of six working out of that location.

Spinutech Today

Today we serve clients in all 50 states and 9 other countries. Our staff has grown in both size and experience over the years. We continue to burst at the seams with passion for what we do. We've built strong partnerships with our clients that are mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

If you think we would work well together, give us a call, drop us an email, tweet us, throw a pebble at our window. We would love to chat about how we could work together.

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