Culture is the difference between “I can't wait until it's 5:00” and “I can't believe it's already 5:00.”

We Want You to Want to Work Here

Even as one of the rare agencies that believes in a 40-hour work week — having multiple team members working more than 40 hours a week is not something to be proud of — we recognize that 40 hours is a big chunk of time. It accounts for nearly 25% of your week. If you’re going to spend that amount of time with us, it should at least be fun and fulfilling, right?

That’s what we strive for. And we’ll be honest, it’s easier said than done, which is why so many companies write about culture but very rarely put in the work necessary to create (and, in our case, protect) the culture. But we believe the work is well worth the reward, and we’re happy to peel back the curtain to reveal the secrets to our success.

We Hire People Who Reflect Our Values

If you are unfamiliar with our core company values, we break them down as follows: We Get Better Every Day, We Do the Right Thing, We Over Me, and We Own It. But the thing is, we don’t have to demand that all new hires adhere to these values. Because we hire team members who already exemplify them in their own ways. Our values are the blueprint for building our team.

When you hire the right people, you don’t have to micro-manage them. You don’t have to explain to them the importance of being a team player. And you certainly don’t have to tell them to do the right thing. The right people also set the tone for the company culture. We hire the kind of people you want to be around, and that makes for a healthier and more inclusive, supportive, and encouraging work environment.

We Believe in a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Life is more than a 40-hour work week. That’s why we aim to create an environment that is flexible with your personal life. In addition to PTO, team members can take advantage of flex time for appointments and the other diversions of daily life. We also have half-day Fridays every other week during the summer, and our flexible working arrangements means you don’t have to spend precious hours of your day commuting to and from work.

Tampa office at The Great Escape Room

And when it comes time to let loose? We believe in that too. As a company, we feel we have a responsibility to support our team members as a whole and not just in their role. Which is why we have a SpinUX team dedicated to the user experience at Spinutech, organizing programs and events that serve the needs of our team members. They welcome ideas from team members and work together to turn them into realities, from programs that promote health and wellness to events that allow us to simply set work aside and just enjoy one another’s company.

We Care About Each Other

Relationships are a critical part of our culture, and we’re not just talking about our relationships with clients. We’re talking about the relationships between team members. When you like and care about the people you work with, every day becomes more fulfilling. Because we have remote team members spread across the country, we are constantly brainstorming creative opportunities for team members to connect with each other virtually.

remote Family Feud

We certainly host our fair share of in-person and virtual happy hours, but our weekly get-togethers go well beyond that. Team members are invited to take part in Meditation Mondays, brain breaks, wellness challenges, and even informal meet-ups with Marc Reifenrath, our CEO. meetup with Marc Our company Slack is also chock full of channels where people chat about their shared interests, from movies and TV to fishing and gardening.

Not only do we care about each other, but we also care about our communities. Through paid volunteer time off and involvement with community organizations, we make a point to contribute to the greater good together. We’ve also started and funded our Spinutech Cares program, which lends a financial helping hand to team members who have experienced hardship.

You Don’t Have to Watch the Clock Anymore

Work where the work doesn’t feel like work. If the culture at Spinutech sounds like the right fit for you, take a look at our current openings and apply today!