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ADA Compliance

We help ensure your website is easily accessible for people with disabilities, so you don't miss out on potential customers.

Optimizing for ADA compliance improves your site for all.

A well-researched digital strategy takes the user experience into consideration, including the basic ability to access your website. A website that humans and bots struggle to read will have difficulty performing in the digital space and will likely struggle to maintain search rankings. 

Our design team builds straightforward websites with a clear, consistent layout that follow ADA-compliant best practices. Not only do ADA-compliant optimizations make your site accessible to a wider audience, but they can also help improve search rankings.

What Is ADA compliance?

ADA compliance best practices are a set of rules outlined in Title III, which requires websites to be accessible for people with disabilities. Nineteen percent of the country has a disability, so a site lacking ADA compliance optimization is missing out on a sizable group of potential customers. We help make your site accessible by ensuring that individuals who are visually- or hearing-impaired, or those who must navigate by voice are still able to meaningfully engage with the content on your website.

How ADA Compliance Affects Strategy

When a site follows ADA-compliant best practices, all site visitors are able to access information and perform conversion actions like search, schedule, and sign-up. ADA compliance also affects SEO performance as the overall SEO score of your website will be affected by how many ADA optimizations it has. The goal of search engines like Google is to meet user intent, but if a website doesn’t accommodate people with disabilities, it can’t meet their intention.

ADA Compliance Optimizations

We ensure your website is aligned with the goals set forth by Title III by staying up-to-date on ADA-compliant best practices. Even if your website has already launched, it’s never too late to add in some ADA-compliant optimizations.

Here are a few ways our team designs with ADA best practices in mind:

  • We ensure all of the images on your site contain alt-tags that can be read by screen reader software
  • We provide captions for any videos embedded on your website and transcripts for any audio-only content
  • We utilize page titles to clearly and succinctly describe page content

Digital Strategy

Accessible websites are part of a well-rounded digital strategy.

Using ADA best practices, our team works to make your website as user-friendly as possible — for everyone.     

Icons, Graphics & Logos

Pretty icons and graphics help make your site visually appealing and comply with ADA best practices.

Responsive Web Design

In addition to making your site accessible to all, make sure it plays well from desktop to mobile with a responsive design.


Once your site is accessible, our team of SEO experts can help fill in the gaps to improve your search engine ranking.


A website with a seamless user experience is accessible, easy to use, and meets business goals.

Our strategies drive your results.