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PCI Compliance

Process online transactions in a safe, secure manner with an ecommerce website that meets strict Payment Card Industry standards.

Safeguard sensitive data with the latest Payment Card Industry standards.

Any kind of business engaging in online transactions is subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). This set of rules, set forth in 2004 by the major credit card organizations, outlines guidelines and best practices for processing sensitive information to reduce fraud. At Spinutech, we take data security very seriously, staying on top of changes in PCI compliance standards, and building ecommerce websites that adhere to best information security practices.

Limited Liability

You want customers to feel safe when making purchases on your website. That’s why PCI compliance is of the highest importance. We help keep sensitive data secure and limit your liability by working directly with payment processors like Authorize.Net and using their library of code. This way, all sensitive data is sent straight to the processor and never hits our servers. Although PCI compliance is not required by law, heavy fines can incur if your site is not compliant. That’s why we do our part to ensure your site meets PCI standards. 

Data Security

Credit card data is sent directly to the secure payment processor and in turn, we receive a “token” from them to complete the transaction. We do not store a customer's full credit card number or card verification value (CVV). In fact, the credit card data is never even sent through our servers, which reduces a lot of the PCI scope. 

Regular Security Updates

PCI-DSS compliance is an ongoing process. We regularly monitor and adjust to the changing PCI compliance standards. Additionally, payment processors will notify us if a change affects how processing is handled. Our goal is to provide your customers with a safe, secure site. If we find something that will improve and further reduce your liability, we will make the change to our codebase. We quickly implement newly established standards and schemes to reduce credit card fraud.

Ecommerce Strategy

Build PCI compliance into your website strategy.

PCI compliance is an integral part of a well-rounded ecommerce strategy.

ADA Compliance

Make sure your ecommerce website also meets accessibility standards for the greatest reach.

Technical SEO

Structure your ecommerce website in a way that makes the most sense to consumers and search engines alike.

Onsite Conversion Optimization

Once you have a PCI-compliant site, A/B test to find the sweet spot for customers to take action.

Our strategies drive your results.