Creative Strategy & Content

Content is what conveys the voice, look, and feel of your brand. It connects with your target audience through eye-catching creative and on-point messaging.

Our creative process is about finding the right words and visuals to tell your story.

There is more than one way to tell a story, from compelling copy on a web page to an attention-grabbing video ad. As a business, your story is being told in a variety of ways. If you are not using one cohesive voice and identity across all of your digital assets -- copy, design, photography, videos -- the message gets muddled and you are going to struggle to connect with your target audience.

Our collaborative creative process is designed to develop creative that speaks to the users’ motivations, grabs their attention, and properly represents your brand. If we have done our job, we will have shown your audience that you’re a brand with a story worth their time.

Creative Brief

The first step of our creative process is to outline all of the information needed to develop strategic options that align with your brand’s objective and your audience’s motivation.

Creative Concepting

Our creative team will develop concepts that align with the goals outlined in the creative brief, taking great care to ensure that they are all visually striking, clear, and action-oriented.

Creative Approval

Clients are presented with the creative options for review and approval, at which time we articulate how the visuals and messaging address the issues in the creative brief.

Test Variables

Once creative has been approved, we identify and prioritize text or visual aspects of the selected creative concept to test and optimize for better performance.

Performance Tracking

With testing data in our hands, we set out to interpret it and better understand how variable versions of the creative concept -- tested against a control -- affect user engagement.

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