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First-class website for a world-class film equipment company


Panavision is the premier provider of end-to-end technical and creative solutions that power the creative vision of filmmakers around the globe. Their comprehensive offerings include unparalleled optics, proprietary camera and lighting systems, and state-of-the-art post production services. Major studios, networks, streaming providers, and independent artists alike utilize Panavision’s rental inventory in features, series, commercials, and more. Driven by a passion for collaborative innovation, Panavision provides the content creation industry with the highest standard of quality and service. The Panavision family of brands also includes the renowned brands Light Iron, Panalux, LEE Filters, and Island Studios.


The Challenge

Panavision recognized the need for a redesigned website before partnering with Spinutech, though the technical requirements of the redesign presented a number of challenges. Not only did their existing web presence include multiple domains and websites for the different divisions of the Panavision family of brands, but there were also multiple domains for different countries, regions, and languages due to Panavision having over 50 locations around the world.

Put simply, Panavision had outgrown their existing website. It hadn't been set up to capture the all-encompassing story of the Panavision portfolio, and its difficult-to-manage CMS — which featured a lot of inline code within the site — limited the ability to scale and grow. They weren’t able to house their full product offerings on the existing website, and the user experience was further restricted due to the site’s navigation and limited search feature.


Our Strategy

Spinutech worked in collaboration with the stakeholders at Panavision to identify the CMS platform best suited to their needs. After performing a demo of Sitefinity, the enterprise and security benefits of the platform made it the clear choice for Panavision’s new website.

The roadmapping process, which gathered together the Spinutech and Panavision teams, helped determine the specific strategy behind the redesign and the site pages that would be needed. One of the most unique aspects of this website project was the collaborative effort that followed. The Panavision team took the lead on content creation and page designs, with Spinutech working closely with them in a consulting capacity. Together, the two teams helped shape the website navigation URL structure, content, and design layout of the pages.

Customer Relations Management (CRM), enterprise requirements planning (ERP), and marketing automation were integrated into the new website for a comprehensive enterprise content management solution.


The Results

The redesigned Panavison website brings together their entire portfolio into a single platform and under one domain, wrapped in a modern UX design.

The improved site navigation and site search make it easier than ever for users to find content, as do the filtering capabilities throughout the site. Panavision can expand their brand knowing that their new website is scalable, with the flexibility to accommodate the addition of new divisions. The site was also re-structured with SEO in mind, as Panavision’s previous website struggled to gain traction in search engine results despite the brand’s lofty position within their own industry.

“Our company vision is to provide content creators with the tools, technology, and support they need throughout their creative process. We are thrilled to offer our present and future customers this best-in-class website experience and continue to serve as a top resource for filmmakers around the world.”

Lesley Kantor, Panavision

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