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Providing Staffing Solutions in a Post-Pandemic Workforce With Carrie Charles

Published by Spinutech on July 19, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Carrie Charles reflects on her journey from attending the University of Tennessee to enlisting in the Marine Corps
  • How Carrie’s motivation to succeed was prompted by the adversity she experienced in childhood
  • The challenges companies face when retaining talent
  • How can companies differentiate themselves from the competition?
  • Recruiting trends in a post-pandemic workforce
  • What is Carrie’s greatest source of inspiration?

In this episode…

A staffing agency — also referred to as a recruiting firm — serves as a liaison between companies searching for talent and job seekers. Because staffing firms screen resumes, perform reference checks, and schedule interviews, among other duties, companies can focus on growing the business. Organizations elect to use staffing agencies for numerous reasons, such as their access to talent networks, their ability to increase an organization's ROI, and their industry market knowledge.

Staffing expert Carrie Charles advises companies to educate themselves on industry changes in the post-pandemic market. When creating a welcoming work culture, companies need to consider mental health, generational gaps and expectations, and flexible working arrangements. The quicker executives and leaders can acknowledge the shift taking place within the workforce, the better equipped they will be to hand off responsibilities to the next generation.

In this episode of The Growth Fire Podcast, Kevin Hourigan welcomes Carrie Charles, Co-founder and CEO of Broadstaff, to discuss the staffing industry in a post-pandemic market. Carrie recollects how her childhood adversity influenced her path to success. She also discusses company recruiting strategies, current trends in the workforce, and her greatest source of inspiration.

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Guest Contact Details

Carrie Charles is the Co-founder and CEO of Broadstaff, a staffing firm providing workforce solutions in the energy, technology, and telecommunications sectors. Under Carrie’s tutelage, the firm was recognized in 2022 by Inc. Magazine and Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing companies. Her additional accolades include the 2021 Tampa Bay CEO of the Year and Tampa Bay Businesswoman of the Year awards. She’s a keynote speaker and thought leader in diversity, women in tech, and workforce development. Carrie’s also the host of the 5G Talent Talk podcast, where she offers tech leaders strategic hiring methods for attracting, acquiring, and retaining top-tier talent. As a mother of a childhood cancer survivor, Carrie sits on the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s board of directors.