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How Personal and Professional Growth Yields Success

Published by Spinutech on March 3, 2024

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dean Mavrikos reflects on his background
  • How Dean became interested in working in sales
  • Overcoming rejection and refining your sales skills
  • Why a healthy lifestyle and mindset is the cornerstone of success 
  • What is Kentico’s target market?
  • How Kentico leverages a partner network
  • Effective strategies for acquiring and onboarding new clients
  • What are Dean’s sources of inspiration?

In this episode…

In competitive sales, success hinges on resilience, adaptability, and an unrelenting dedication to excellence. However, beyond performance pressures, how do personal and professional growth contribute to a fulfilling and successful career?

Sales and business development leader Dean Mavrikos acknowledges the significance of upholding a healthy lifestyle and mindset, even in the face of rejection. Prioritizing self-care and well-being enables him to stay focused and energized when confronting challenges. Rather than letting setbacks deter him, Dean views them as opportunities to refine his sales skills and enhance his approach. Through consistent refinement and adaptation, he has transformed rejection into resilience, emerging from each setback stronger and more determined than before.

In this recent episode of The Growth Fire Podcast with Kevin Hourigan, Dean Mavrikos, Channel Growth Manager at Kentico, shares insights on the intersection of personal and professional growth in leadership. Dean discusses his journey into sales, strategies for overcoming rejection, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset for success.

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Guest Contact Details

Dean Mavrikos is the Channel Growth Manager at Kentico, a fully integrated digital experience platform (DXP). He started at the company as a Business Development Representative before becoming the Director of Business Development for North America, where he led hiring and training initiatives for a team of business development representatives. In 2023, Dean assumed the role of Channel Growth Manager, where he supports a diverse range of implementation partners throughout North America. Alongside his role at Kentico, Dean is actively involved in various industry initiatives and endeavors.