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Scaling in the Health and Wellness Industry

Published by Spinutech on March 29, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ed Buckley’s transitional period from graduate to entrepreneur
  • Peerfit’s origin story and the purpose behind it
  • How Ed raised capital for his company
  • The importance of having mentors as an entrepreneur
  • Ed talks about the merger between FitOn and Peerfit
  • How to keep a team motivated
  • The secret behind the company’s rapid growth
  • How Ed stays inspired and motivated

In this episode…

Are you wanting to venture into the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur? What do you need to know to succeed in this space?

Upon graduating college, Ed Buckley found his passion as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. His experience scaling a business and leading teams has earned him a wealth of knowledge in his field. After merging Peerfit with FitOn, he shares his success in leading the team and company to greater heights.

In this episode of the Growth Fire podcast, Kevin Hourigan sits down with Ed Buckley, CEO of FitOn Health, to discuss what it takes to thrive in the health and wellness industry. Ed shares how he became an entrepreneur, the idea behind Peerfit, how to raise capital, the merger between FitOn and Peerfit, and the secret behind its rapid growth.

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Guest Contact Details

Ed Buckley is the CEO of FitOn, formerly known as Peerfit, the largest health and wellness platform on a mission to empower individuals to live healthy lifestyles by providing instant access to a variety of workout programs taught by top-of-the-line fitness professionals and celebrities. Noticing gaps in health and wellness, Ed’s passion for problem-solving allowed him opportunities to work with talented teams in the industry. His experience leveraging advanced data methods, identifying new market solutions, and building and launching effective solutions will add value to any team.