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Why Fear is a Formula for Success With Jon Tsourakis

Published by Spinutech on September 6, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jon Tsourakis muses about his career in the marketing industry
  • Jon’s first job in the industry
  • What motivated Jon to start his own business?
  • Jon explains his decision to merge his agency with a partnering company
  • How does Oyova set itself apart from other digital marketing agencies?
  • Strategies for operating a lucrative agency
  • Why messaging is critical in digital marketing
  • The specific KPIs Jon tracks, and how his team manages their marketing strategy

In this episode…

Adversity catalyzes change, forcing people to step outside their comfort zones and try something new, which leads to personal and professional development. Learning new skills lends itself to growth, enriching our life experiences and is attained as a result of learning from our mistakes — and can work in our favor to build successful businesses.

Jon Tsourakis, an agency principal and business owner, is a prime example. He stumbled into the marketing industry after a friend invited him to work for his father's agency. Jon quickly discovered his talents and put his expertise to work by launching his own marketing business. Starting any business is intimidating, but without risks, there are no rewards. Jon’s experience with launching his company is a testament to how we can leverage mistakes to build a successful company.

In this episode of The Growth Fire podcast, Kevin Hourigan talks to Jon Tsourakis, Co-owner, President, and Chief Revenue Officer of Oyova, about his career journey in the marketing industry and the lessons it taught him. Jon shares marketing strategies, why he partnered with another agency to create Oyova, and the motivation behind going into business for himself.

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Jon Tsourakis is the Co-owner, President, and Chief Revenue Officer at Oyova, an agency offering integrated digital solutions such as app development, web design, and marketing to create efficient processes for company growth. Jon is a serial entrepreneur and marketing strategist whose continual study of brand identity, business communications, buyer behavior, sales conversion, and various digital marketing techniques, keeps him astute to industry standards. His resume includes executive positions with digital agencies, including Innersight dZine Studio, REVOLT, and the Digital Mastermind Group, and his sales and leadership expertise led him to roles as Marketing Director and President for Astrum and CentralComp, respectively.