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Sales Strategies, Insights, and Innovations With Lisa Martin

Published by Spinutech on March 25, 2024

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Lisa Martin transitioned from the tech industry into sales
  • Lisa explains how she navigated a salary reduction after transitioning into sales
  • Who is 8x8’s target audience?
  • What is 8x8’s go-to-market strategy?
  • How to propose your solution to your target audience effectively 
  • Lisa shares details about “Engage:” the latest 8x8 solution

In this episode…

Effective sales strategies are the lifeblood of successful businesses, offering a roadmap for engaging customers, driving revenue, and fostering growth. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, businesses can tailor their approaches to meet evolving needs and preferences. How can you leverage these insights and solutions to elevate your sales strategies and achieve success?

After transitioning from a sales engineer to a representative, sales leader Lisa Martin discovered she needed to develop soft skills to communicate with customers. She notes that consumers are often wary of salespeople trying to upsell or deceive them, so you must identify your customers’ needs and provide solutions to help them achieve business outcomes and solve problems. Becoming acquainted with your prospects on a personal and professional level fosters connection and trust, making them feel at ease with the interaction. You can also leverage visual technology and automation tools to streamline and enhance the experience. 

In this episode of The Growth Fire Podcast, Kevin Hourigan hosts Lisa Martin, the Chief Revenue Officer at 8x8, to talk about sales strategies, insights, and innovations. Lisa discusses 8x8’s target audience, their go-to-market strategy, and how to propose your solution to prospects effectively.

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Guest Contact Details

Lisa Martin is the Chief Revenue Officer at 8x8, a company that unifies customer engagement and communications across organizations with a single, all-in-one platform. In this role, Lisa drives and maximizes revenue growth, oversees sales strategies, and manages a global team. With a robust sales background in the technology and communication sectors, she has consistently delivered double-digit year-over-year growth by leading global teams effectively. Lisa's tenure as VP of Flex North America, Willow, and Genesys showcases her ability to navigate complex market landscapes and drive impactful results.