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How Positive Language Shapes Company Culture

Published by Spinutech on November 14, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Raymond Watt reflects on his inspiration for joining YPO
  • The benefits of joining YPO forums
  • How YPO impacted Raymond’s views on company culture and core values
  • What are the responsibilities of a CEO?
  • Implementing YPO core values when making decisions
  • Raymond shares one of his greatest YPO event experiences

In this episode…

Clear communication and language are integral to attracting and retaining talented employees, improving team morale, and boosting productivity. Creating a culture aligned with company values starts with using language strategically. 

Your company language is a powerful tool that can shape your organization's culture. Executive leader Raymond Watt affirms that using company-specific vocabulary and creating new words can influence how your employees think, act, and feel. Establishing your company culture on the first day of onboarding is essential for clarifying team expectations. You can accomplish this by creating a behavior code, holding regular meetings to discuss company values, and providing training on using the company language effectively.

In this episode of The Growth Fire Podcast, Marc Reifenrath welcomes Raymond Watt, Global Chairman of YPO, to discuss language's impact on company culture. Raymond shares his inspiration for joining YPO, how the organization impacted his views on company culture and core values, and the responsibilities of an effective CEO.

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Guest Contact Details

Raymond Watt is the Global Chairman of YPO, an American-based global leadership community, and the Chairman at RIMAR Capital, a tech-driven investment firm. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Omnislash, a platform that helps gamers capture media and stats while playing their favorite games. With 25 years of experience in software development and enterprise systems, Raymond was a three-time CEO for various companies in South Africa. Beyond his leadership duties, Raymond is a voting member of the Television Academy and a member of the Producers Guild of America.