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Mitigating the Legal Risks of AI Content With Sharon Toerek

Published by Spinutech on May 6, 2024

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:02] Sharon Toerek discusses AI legal risks and opportunities
  • [0:05] An overview of AI-generated content ownership, liability, and legal implications
  • [11:57] Strategies for the safe adoption of AI by advertising agencies 
  • [19:13] Agency intellectual property ownership and potential for monetization
  • [24:21] Sharon shares her experience growing a niche practice
  • [31:09] How can agents educate clients on the legal risks of AI content?

In this episode…

The rise of AI-generated content has sparked numerous legal and ethical concerns, prompting industry leaders to advocate for a nuanced understanding of ownership, liability, and legal implications. Although AI streamlines processes and enhances content quality, how can marketing and advertising agencies ensure brand protection?

With years of experience in intellectual property protection, Sharon Toerek has witnessed firsthand the challenges of recognizing legal issues and safeguarding creative assets. She underscores the need for agencies to grasp the legal landscape surrounding AI implementation, emphasizing its gradual evolution and the importance of regulations to safeguard brands. One of the central concerns revolves around determining ownership and copyright protection for AI-generated content. As agencies navigate this complex terrain, recognizing and appraising intellectual property, combined with a vast knowledge of industry dynamics, emerge as vital pillars for fostering growth, innovation, and legal compliance within the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven creativity.

In this episode of the Growth Fire Podcast, Kevin Hourigan welcomes Sharon Toerek, the Owner and Founder of Toerek Law, to discuss AI-generated content ownership, liability, and legal implications. Sharon provides insights into copyright protection for AI-generated content, highlights the importance of human oversight in AI, and explores the potential for agencies to monetize their intellectual property.

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Guest Contact Details

Sharon Toerek is the Owner and Founder of Toerek Law, where she dedicates her practice to advising independent marketing and creative services agencies on protecting and monetizing their intellectual capital. A marketing law attorney with extensive experience in copyright, trademark, and content protection, Sharon offers strategic counsel on licensing, brand protection, social media, and advertising compliance. 

She is a sought-after speaker at top industry events, including INBOUND, Content Marketing World, and MAGNET Global Agency Network, empowering professionals to recognize legal risks and uphold their rights. Recognized for her contributions, Sharon was inducted into The American Advertising Federation (AAF) Cleveland Hall of Fame in 2019, cementing her legacy as a trailblazer in legal advocacy and community leadership.