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Why Work at Spinutech?: SEO Edition

Published by Spinutech on June 21, 2023

Why Work at Spinutech?: SEO Edition

Did you know there are more than 10,000 digital marketing agencies in the United States?

But there’s only one Spinutech.

If you’re reading this, we’re going to make two assumptions about why you’re here:

  1. You are interested in an SEO position at Spinutech
  2. You want to know what separates Spinutech from the other 9,9999 agencies

We’re going to try and help you out with No. 2 because getting hired at Spinutech is as much about you choosing us as it is about us choosing you. You have the talent and skills to work anywhere. It’s on us to convince you that Spinutech is not just anywhere.

Most importantly, when we extend an offer to a candidate, we’re not looking for a simple, “Yes.” We’re looking for an emphatic, “Heck yes!” We want you to want to be part of our team. So if you’re not sold on Spinutech by the end of this, we’ll bid you good luck with no hard feelings. 

Now, for the question that brought you here:

Why Work in SEO at Spinutech?

To answer that in a way you haven’t heard a hundred times before, we turned to the people who once sat where you’re sitting now (i.e. our SEO team).

“If you're willing to invest in us, we're willing to invest in you.”


Everyone on the team has the opportunity to become a subject matter expert, and there is so much gratitude going around for the work that we do, from both our clients and our teammates.

“Innovation is always encouraged.”

“One of my favorite things about Spinutech’s SEO team is the way innovation is always encouraged,” says Sarah Butler, our SEO Copywriter. “SEO is an ever-changing field, and as a team, we’re given the space to generate new ideas, tactics, and strategies.

“More than that, the SEO team values the individual skill sets and perspectives each team member brings to the table and pushes them to seek out the places where they thrive.”

“As someone whose background is rooted in creative writing, I was worried about joining a team of strong, data-driven strategists who knew way more than I did about SEO. Yet instead of feeling disconnected, the SEO team has woven my personal strengths and skills into technical strategies, all while helping me build a deeper foundation of knowledge.”

“The team is just so damn smart.”

“I've never worked with a better group of people,” says Joe Unhammer, one of our SEO Strategists. “We have fun in every meeting, but there is also such a wide range of knowledge across the team that it is a great place to advance your SEO knowledge and learn from some real experts as well as work on interesting accounts.”

“I usually love it when meetings get canceled, but never when our internal SEO meetings get canceled because they are so fun, but also very educational.”

“The team is just so damn smart,” adds Derek Larabee, our Associate Director of SEO.

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