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Marketing Automation

Generating leads is only half the battle. Marketing automation takes it from there.

Meet the team player.

Your other digital marketing efforts are more successful when they’re getting a much-needed assist from marketing automation.

When a lead reaches you from a blog, Google search result, Instagram post, or display ad, it’s marketing automation that picks up where these digital efforts left off, employing targeted, timely campaigns to nurture individuals through the customer lifecycle with impressive results.

Get smart about keeping your business top of mind.

A marketing automation campaign can save you time and money, but the success of a campaign depends on how it is managed. From conception to execution and beyond, our strategists help plan and track the important details to ensure your goals are getting accomplished.

Nurture quality leads into lifelong customers

Prospects don’t just become customers after one interaction with your brand. In order to keep your brand top of mind over a period of time, you’ll need to rely on your CRM’s trove of a database to know who the prospect is, understand where they are in the customer lifecycle, and engage them with perfectly timed content that helps drive them down the purchase funnel.

Fuel loyalty among existing customers

Some might say retaining customers is even harder than attracting new ones, but they probably aren’t using marketing automation. Our strategists analyze your CRM data, identifying key insights you can leverage to carve out a path to re-conversion. We help you segment your audiences and send them personalized, relevant content via email and SMS to form lasting relationships.

Keep marketing and sales aligned throughout the customer lifecycle

Just because your marketing automation tools aren’t consolidated into a single platform, it doesn’t mean your marketing and sales efforts should suffer. We’re pros at getting multiple systems to work together, so your vast customer database stays accurate, your processes and messaging remain cohesive, and your data ties into all the places it needs to in order to execute effective campaigns.

Our Capabilities

Convert your leads into paying customers.