Association Management

Custom design and features make it easy to manage your association's membership your way.

All the functionality you need to run your association like a pro.

Our association clients rely heavily on association management systems (AMS) to manage their data and run their daily operations. We’ve been building association websites for more than 18 years, have integrated with several third-party AMS, and have built our own AMS solution.

A Solution to Membership Management

Based on our extensive experience working with associations, our team developed our own association management system to meet the specific needs of clients. Ten years later, Spinutech’s AMS is in use by several small to mid-size associations. Our AMS integrates seamlessly with our content management system and the websites that we build to provide a user-friendly and easy-to-manage digital infrastructure that automates or simplifies common association workflows. 

Core AMS Features

The core features of our AMS include the ability to store and edit membership profiles, support to create and renew memberships, and gather information resulting from a member’s activity and relationship with the organization. Other common features include event registration and management, access control to a website’s member-only content, automated communication with members, and more. 

More Than Membership Management

Unlike most third-party software which takes a one-size-fits-all approach, we created our AMS with the ability to tailor its functionality to each association’s requirements.

A few of Spinutech's AMS features include:

  • Front- and back-office member management
  • Membership applications
  • Dues renewal
  • Member-only content (via integration with our content management system)
  • Member directories and professional service finders
  • Event registration and management
  • Abstract submission and management
  • Knowledge exchange and online forums
  • Integrated e-commerce such as donations, online stores, and more
  • Robust back-office management including reporting and data exports
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