Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Design

Web design and conversion rate optimization work in tandem to create a website that better supports your business goals.

Understanding CRO and Web Design

Think of a website as a house. If you’ve ever seen a housing development where all of the houses are identical, you understand why a uniform approach to web design is a recipe for failure. The goal of a website isn’t to blend in. It’s to stand apart. To do that, you need a web design that is not only unique to your business but also understands your audience and provides a user experience that engages with them and serves their needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing that user experience. More importantly, it’s a means of guiding them towards an action that helps grow your business.

Importance of CRO to an Effective Website

If a website is a house, CRO lives in the details of that house. Is a room poorly lit? Is the furniture in a space arranged in a way that allows people to gather comfortably? Are the electrical outlets located in inconvenient places? Every space should be as accommodating as possible to the people who use it. A website is no different. It needs to be designed with the user in mind.

CRO is the process of creating the most efficient path for a user to take a desired action on your website, like filling out a contact form or making a purchase. By using data to understand what drives, blocks, and persuades users to take action, CRO strategists can form a hypothesis and then test that hypothesis by implementing and monitoring site optimizations.

CRO optimizations can be as simple as the placement of a Call-To-Action button or fine-tuning the fields of a submission form. Small changes can make a big difference.

How Web Design and CRO Work Together

At Spinutech, web design and CRO work hand in hand because they share the same goal. Web designers bring to the table talent and experience in developing eye-catching and on-brand creative, paired with knowledge of industry best practices. CRO strategists can provide them with data-driven insights into optimizations that can be made to capitalize on conversion opportunities throughout the site. The end result is a site built on smart and efficient choices.

Contact Spinutech today if you’re looking for web design and development that utilizes CRO insights to build a better user experience and increase your ROI.