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Content & Email Marketing

Set up your email marketing campaign for success with a content strategy tailored to engage your target audience.

Expertise of Content and Email Marketing Strategists

Content strategists must have more than a way with words. They are expected to provide strategic direction on the content that serves clients’ website and marketing efforts, developing content plans that support specific business goals and objectives. Generally, content strategists will have experience developing content across a variety of industries.

Email & marketing automation strategists also manage a portfolio of clients in varying industries and verticals, leading and executing email, marketing automation, and CRM strategies for said clients. They partner with clients and internal teams to create emails, build audience segments, develop workflows, and deploy campaigns, performing post-launch analysis and optimizations.

Both types of strategists bring a unique skill set to the table that allows them to work hand-in-hand when building and executing an email marketing campaign.

How Does a Content Strategy Enhance an Email Campaign?

When you are building an email marketing campaign, you have to step into the shoes of your target audience and develop a strategy for how best to engage them. Content strategists have experience writing for different audiences, and their ability to empathize with people and understand what makes them tick is an invaluable asset to an email campaign.

No one knows how to build the bones of an email marketing campaign better than an email & marketing automation strategists, but a content strategist can help put the meat on those bones, providing the compelling copy needed to connect with the intended audience.

How Content and Email Strategists Collaborate

There are fundamental questions you have to answer that will serve as the foundation of your email marketing campaign: Who is your audience and what are their common pain points? What is the buyer’s journey? What value propositions does your client have to offer?

At Spinutech, email & marketing automation strategists will partner with a content strategist to answer these questions. The answers drive the content strategy behind the campaign, as the team outlines the themes and content of each email that populates the campaign. This cross-team collaboration ensures that the email & marketing automation strategist is equipped with strategic content tailored to their target audience, setting up the email campaign for success.

Contact Spinutech today if your email marketing efforts could benefit from a thoughtful content strategy and the experience and expertise of our email & marketing automation team.

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