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SEO Audits

An SEO audit shows you how you stack up. It takes into consideration how your site is seen by search engine crawlers and can lead to high-impact recommendations.

SEO audits reveal areas of opportunity.

An in-depth, industry-specific SEO audit can show you how your site is performing. Think of an SEO audit like a checkup for your site. It can reveal areas that are healthy and performing well and areas that are in need of a little TLC.

A thorough SEO audit does more than look at keywords, it takes a look at the structural information on the back end of your site that can have a big impact on your ability to show up and rank in search results. Our SEO audits cover more than 50 different site aspects, including:

  • Crawlability & indexing
  • Internal linking
  • Site structure & taxonomy
  • Structured data
  • Historic traffic analysis
  • Page speed performance
  • Search opportunity analysis
  • Local SEO presence
  • Sitemaps
  • Website semantics & metadata analysis

Keyword Research

An important aspect of an SEO audit is conducting thorough keyword research. Our strategists look at your business-critical terms to identify where the site can improve targeting and capture more search volume. Keyword research can also reveal areas that you might not have even been aware of where there is an opportunity to gain more traffic.

Competitive Analysis

Do you know what your competitors are ranking for or how their page speeds compare to yours? A competitive analysis is part of all of our SEO audits. We apply the same audit principles to the main competitors in your industry and then use those findings to inform our recommendations for improving your ranking against the competition in key areas.

Site Crawls

We use a wide range of industry-leading tools like ScreamingFrog and Google Lighthouse to assist us in running crawls of a site to identify issues with a website and find new areas of opportunity. During a crawl we check for missing or duplicate titles, meta tags, headers, redirect chains, canonical errors, and much more.

Digital Strategy

SEO audits inform your digital marketing strategy.

The valuable information from your SEO audit can be applied across all of your digital marketing efforts.

Website Content

Turn low-performing pages into high-performing pages with optimized website content.

Paid Media

Capitalize on the findings from your keyword research and competitive analysis to create highly targeted paid ads.

Site Structure & Taxonomy

A thorough SEO audit can help create a more user-friendly site structure.

Our strategies drive your results.