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Ecommerce SEO Services

Strategic SEO for ecommerce sites can make your brand more visible in search results and impact how users engage with your site and your products.

Ensure consumers find your products online.

While a general SEO strategy benefits any type of website, a strategy specific to ecommerce sites can give your business and products a competitive edge. Because they are more conversion driven than other websites, ecommerce sites deserve special SEO consideration. We’ll help make sure your products are visible in search results when users are looking to buy.

Site Taxonomy

A proper site taxonomy is paramount for any site to succeed in organic search results. Ecommerce sites, in particular, need a taxonomy specifically built around their product categories and sub-categories. Because these pages will likely be critical entrance points from search results, we take the time to do keyword research to discover how users are searching for your products. We then use that research to form the category structure and influence the filtering options that are available to users on site.

On-Page Elements of Product Pages

Informative descriptions, related products, reviews, and testimonials can dramatically improve user engagement and give your site a competitive edge. We provide keyword research to create unique product descriptions on each page. This helps differentiate similar product pages so that each one can rank within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup is a way to contextualize the code on a page for search engine crawlers. Generally, this helps search engines better crawl and read the relevant features on a page, but for ecommerce sites there are added perks. We make sure the structured data markup across your site is implemented according to best practices so you can reap the benefits of rich snippet features like shopping results pages and product carousels. These elements, which are often featured at the top of SERPs, provide more opportunities for your site to rank in both organic and shopping results.

Digital Strategy

Get the most out of ecommerce SEO with other digital tactics.

Pair ecommerce SEO with these digital strategies to ensure your site features prominently in SERPs.

Paid Media Advertising

Coupling ecommerce SEO with paid advertising gives your site coverage in multiple sections of the SERP.

Content Creation

Get the most out of your product pages with unique, descriptive content.

Marketing Automation

Reach customers where they are in the buying cycle and deliver the right message that guides them through the sales funnel.

Our strategies drive your results.