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Google is Putting Spammy and Unhelpful Content on Notice

Published by Spinutech on April 16, 2024

Google's latest algorithm update will reduce unhelpful content by 40 percent

Google has a message for poor, spammy, and unhelpful content: Get out of our search results.

The search engine is seeking to enhance the quality of search results by reducing low-quality and unoriginal content by approximately 40%. Google’s latest algorithm update — which rolled out in early March and spent the next 3-4 weeks being implemented across various core systems — is how it aims to better distinguish between helpful and unhelpful content.

So how will this algorithm update impact your website?

Well it depends on the value of your content to your audience.

Content Helpful to Users is Helpful to Google

It’s important to remember that Google’s primary goal as a business is to be helpful to its users. To do that, it needs to provide users with helpful content. That’s where you come in — and if your content is not helpful to the user, then it’s not helpful to Google.

This algorithm update is a means of ensuring users receive more valuable, high-quality search results by directing more traffic to websites that offer genuine value.

In its crosshairs is website content that has been overly and poorly scaled out, showcases clear duplication, and adds little value for the audience. In other words, content for the sake of content. Everything you publish should provide value to the reader. If you’re rolling content off the assembly line simply to soak up a larger volume of clicks, time to rethink that strategy.

You’re Only as Good as Your SEO Strategy

The good news: If you’re a Spinutech client, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

High-quality, user-centric content is the bedrock of our SEO strategies. It always has been and it always will be, because as long as you are committed to quality and delivering insightful content relevant to your audience, the tide is very rarely going to turn against you.

When creating SEO-driven content, including scaled efforts, any utilization of efficiency-building tools is paired with human creation and oversight. High-quality, refined, and helpful, this content meets crawl emulator standards of uniqueness and doesn’t show up in duplicative content reports. Our balance of efficiency and quality means we can tackle large-scale projects without sacrificing our standard of excellence for content.

Can you say the same?

If not, let’s chat.