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The Metaverse: The Next Hot Trend for Large Brands

Published by Spinutech on November 27, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ann Hand reflects on her background and what inspired her career path
  • Ann shares her career progression
  • How transitioning from a large, global company to a small startup prepared Ann for her current role
  • What is Super League Gaming?
  • Leveraging the metaverse as a big brand marketing tool and focus group

In this episode…

The metaverse is a collaborative, immersive virtual world with the potential to revolutionize how we work, learn, and socialize. People can use this space for entertainment, playing games, shopping, and attending virtual events. Is this the next innovator in big brand marketing?

It’s a common myth that gaming is an unhealthy pastime appealing only to introverted young people. According to seasoned marketing executive Ann Hand, the metaverse shifts the video game landscape through eSports, activities rooted in STEM learning that offer fair, safe, and inclusive environments. Ann elaborates that companies can save money and reach new audiences by promoting their brands through the metaverse, much like advertising during the Super Bowl. Additionally, companies can conduct real-time focus groups using digital products produced in less time instead of navigating excess inventory and complex supply chain operations. 

On today’s episode of The Growth Fire Podcast with Kevin Hourigan, Ann Hand, Chairman and CEO of Super League Gaming, discusses how the company innovates large brand marketing. Ann talks about her career progression, how transitioning from global corporations to a small startup groomed her for her current role, and leveraging the metaverse as a marketing tool and focus group.

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Guest Contact Details

Ann Hand is the Chairman and CEO of Super League Gaming, a NASDAQ publicly traded company and global leader in the gaming metaverse on platforms like Roblox and Minecraft. Before joining Super League, Ann was the CEO of Project Frog, a company specializing in wholesale building materials to streamline design and construction processes. Ann has garnered many accolades, including the Forbes 50 Over 50 Award and being named Ad Age Leading Women of 2022, 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs, and the 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine.