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Growing a Successful Business Leveraging Previous Mistakes

Published by Spinutech on September 20, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jon Morris reflects on his background and career evolution
  • Turning failures into learning lessons
  • How winning a college competition grew into a business
  • Creating an interview assessment to hire top-tier talent
  • The genesis for starting Ramsay Innovations
  • Sales strategies for generating new clients
  • The mentors who have played pivotal roles throughout Jon’s career

In this episode…

Failure is inevitable when growing a business. What distinguishes successful business owners is their ability to learn from previous mistakes.

Jon Morris, a serial entrepreneur, turned a loss into a learning opportunity when he bootstrapped his second entrepreneurial venture and grew it into one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies. As a marketing principal, it’s crucial to understand your niche and keep up with industry trends to pivot when necessary. Have a clear vision, including understanding the types of employees needed to propel your business. To ensure you hire high-performing talent, consider designing a meticulous interview process and an assessment with a desired passing rate. Through reflection, entrepreneurs can identify business strategies in need of improvement. 

In this episode of The Growth Fire Podcast, Jon Morris, Founder and CEO of Ramsay Innovations, joins Kevin Hourigan to share his growth journey as an entrepreneur. Jon discusses using failures as learning lessons, rigorous acquisitions for hiring elite talent, and sales strategies for generating new business.

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Guest Contact Details

Jon Morris is the Founder and CEO of Ramsay Innovations, helping businesses quickly scale through financial education and strategic funds allocations. Before joining Ramsay Innovations, Jon founded Rise Interactive, a full-service internet marketing agency — growing it from a $10,000 bootstrap business to one of the largest independent digital agencies. Beyond his leadership responsibilities, Jon is an Advisor for Fiscal Advocate and was an Advisory Board Member at Pixability for nearly five years.